4 things AP students must do before Thanksgiving break


Advanced placement students have had a chance to get used to the challenging assignments thrown at them left and right and are probably starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed by this point in the year. It’s a great time of year for students to assess where they’re at academically and set new goals based on what they’ve already achieved. AP classes contain concepts that build upon one another and students will have a comprehensive exam in May that can help them gain entrance into colleges of their choice and even excuse them from a certain amount of college-level classes once they start attending university. To stay ahead of the crowd there are a few things every AP student should do before Thanksgiving break – Don’t wait to book your Orange County AP tutor.

1. Organize study notes

It’s essential for AP students to make sure they have all of their study notes organized and itemized throughout the year. It’s tempting to throw away all those old notes and forget about them after taking a chapter-ending quiz, but students will need to hang onto these for their final exams in the spring. Students should know which notes go with which topic or chapter and which topics appeared on tests and quizzes throughout the year because this will be a big clue as to what might appear on the final exam in May. Many students choose to put off organization but find that the task becomes overwhelming and it can seriously affect their final score. Early organization is the key to success throughout an entire AP course.

2. Catch up on the reading

There’s no denying that advanced placement courses require an excessive amount of reading thus many students begin to fall behind when their other classes become more demanding. At this point in the year, it’s a good idea for students to set aside some time to catch up on any missed reading, so they are on track and informed. Students can also work with their tutor to outline any concepts from those readings that they have missed. When AP students are 100% caught up with assignments they’re more likely to be confident about the material and participate in the class often resulting in higher grades and a better chance of getting a score of 3 or higher in May.

3. Join a study group

AP students who work with their classmates as part of a team do much better when it comes to tests and quizzes. A large amount of information thrown at students in these high-level courses can become too much for one person to handle but, as part of a group, students give each other confidence and help each other become more successful than ever. Study groups provide a social element to the material that students miss when they study alone. When studying becomes something that’s a little bit fun, students tend to pay more attention to the material and work through the chapters more successfully (READ: AP Test Taking Tips from a Private Orange County AP Tutor).

4. Get extra help

By Thanksgiving break, students will know if they can handle an AP course on their own or if they need to get some extra help. This is especially true for students who are tackling their very first AP course during their sophomore or junior year. There are tons of students out there who are completely capable of understanding the content but have trouble organizing or working through the sheer amount of homework assignments. Working with a one-on-one tutor can take away a lot of this burden and allows students to focus on what’s important, understanding the content and being well prepared for the final exams in May. Private tutors work with students to organize study notes and help students remedy weak areas on a regular basis and can make a student’s experience with AP courses a lot easier.

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