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    Private SSAT prep that gets top scores

    What is required to get a great score on the SSAT?. Getting an outstanding score on the SSAT, what does it take?. A common belief among most students is that being anxious, studying for hours, and having sleepless nights is a must.
    We connect with professional SSAT tutors and create strategic test prep plans to boost SSAT scores, here at TutorNerds. tutors and create strategic test prep plans to boost SSAT. Employing TutorNerds will increase your SSAT. scores by creating a strategic test prep plan in coordination with a SSAT specialist.
    Matching you with an appropriate tutor helps you master all sections of the SSAT. Once individually matched with an ideal tutor you will work on the areas you need the most help ultimately mastering all SSAT. sections. sections starting from the ones you need the most help with by getting individually matched with an ideal SSAT expert. To avoid pitfalls from the exam writers, your tutor will be explaining the exam content and strategies through the prep process. For this reason, our test preps produce results without creating additional stress for students.

    Stressed about earning the right score for college admissions?

    Enrolling in most colleges requires students to score well on SATs or ACTs. Competitive students would still take the SAT even though some schools have made the SAT unnecessary. Getting a high score is necessary for a student to distinguish themself from the rest. There’s more to having an elite SAT score than sitting up late reviewing practice books. Top students prepare for exams by studying test material such as grammar, algebra, vocabulary, and literacy skills. Having said that, they also pay attention to popular SAT tricks.
    A good teacher will show you how to prepare for both material and exam strategies most efficiently and practically.

    Why our test prep produces results

    The majority of students do not study until the last minute before the test. Coursework is difficult. Determining where to begin can be hard to figure out. And even if you try to learn the material, it may be dull and overwhelming. Right there is a place for a TutorNerds SAT academic to make a massive difference.
    We will pair you with an SAT mentor who is just as qualified and skilled. After establishing a benchmark for you, your coach will prioritize most critical areas of development.
    You will work together to execute a clear study plan that will help you to achieve results without working too hard or burning out. Along the process, the tutor will explain how and why the SAT intends to mislead you – and how to minimize falling for such gimmicks during the real exam.

    How our test prep works

    First we establish your baseline score, either through a prior test or a new practice test. We’ll also discuss your admissions plan and timeline.
    Next, we’ll create a plan and your tutor will implement it with you. Sessions will occur regularly (with the same tutor) that take the stress out of the prep process while boosting your score.
    Once every few weeks we will reevaluate your progress and refine the study plan and tutoring to improve weak areas.

    A Typical Test Prep session

    Your tutor will review any prior “homework” with you, noting any errors so you recognize and avoid them in the future.
    Your tutor will teach you the academic concepts covered by the exam. These might include math, science, reading comprehension, grammar, writing, etc.
    It’s not enough to just learn content. Successful students understand how to recognize “patterns” in questions and avoid getting tricked.
    You’ll learn how to combine content and strategy to tackle any question on the exam.
    Your tutor will assign specific sections of the exam based on your session, and full-length exams (less often) to make you familiar with the test-taking environment.

    Online and In-Person Tutoring


    Online tutoring occurs via our convenient online lesson space. This is private tutoring (in real-time) just like having an in-person session—but it occurs remotely! Our online lesson space is easy to use and requires NO extra software. All the tools and features you need are built in: a virtual whiteboard, a text editor, a code editor, screen sharing, file sharing, and more. Both you and your tutor can use the tools simultaneously in real time, so it’s just like you were sitting together at a desk!


    Our in-person tutoring occurs at your home or at a convenient location. You can choose any productive study space near you such as a library or coffee shop. We’ll schedule a session at a time and place that’s ideal for you, and your tutor will commute to you! No more driving to a test prep center just to do a bunch of boring worksheets!

    Common Challenges with the SSAT

    The SSAT exam is a major task that necessitates extensive preparation and patience. Poor planning may have serious consequences. Since the SSAT is likely to be an exam that most students have never taken before, they may need to study more and prepare in a particular way to succeed. Students must learn mathematics, reading, and verbal comprehension, as well as essay composition, which is no easy task. Preparing three months before the exam and developing a learning and test-taking strategy will be extremely beneficial. At TutorNerds, we match you with a fantastic tutor who will take a personalized approach to your studying.

    How to get the best SSAT tutor near you

    With young students who take SSAT, it’s important to partner with a tutor who can explain these concepts in a way students can understand. The tutor needs to know the material, but also has to have experience working with young students in particular. It all comes down to experience: Has the tutor produced good results with SSAT students before. That’s why students get results from TutorNerd: Our tutors make difficult concepts easy to understand (check out all our five-star reviews). The way we ensure the success of our students is that we individually hire our SSAT tutors. That’s why we guarantee our services: If you don’t love your SSAT tutor, you don’t pay.

    Our Online Tutoring Subjects

    SSAT Topics Tutored:

    • Elementary level Number sense, properties, and operations
    • Algebra and functions
    • Geometry and spatial sense
    • Measurement and probability
    • Understanding of language and word relationships
    • Nuances in word meanings by relating them to synonyms
    • Literal, inferential, and evaluative comprehension Middle/Upper level Algebra, geometry, and other math
    • Literary fictions and humanities (biography, art poetry)
    • Science (anthropology, astronomy, medicine)
    • Social studies (history, sociology, economics)
    • Narrative and argument writing
    • Synonyms and analogies

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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee – You’ll love your tutor, or you don’t pay