An issue nearly every student struggles with at some point while trying to study for an important test or while working on a homework assignment is concentration. While some students find focusing challenging from time to time, others struggle regularly for any number of reasons. There are some tips and tricks students can use to help boost their concentration and push through those extra tough study sessions, especially as they are getting close to winter break when distractions are everywhere.

Eliminate/create sound

Some students need absolute silence in order to concentrate, making it easiest to study at home or a local library where background noise is at a minimum. Students can also wear earplugs or headphones to help block out extra noise if the surrounding environment can’t be changed. On the other hand, many students concentrate better with white noise such as a fan or quiet music in the background to block out unwanted distractions. There are many apps that play white noise or other relaxing sounds to help with study sessions.

Work solo

Study groups can be a great way to study and help build confidence around other ambitious students, but sometimes the social element of a study group can be a distraction. It’s tempting to focus more on conversation than the task at hand, in which case, some students are better off studying solo. Working without the company of peers doesn’t mean a student has to push through entirely on their own. Working one-on-one with a tutor can help students focus on assignments while the tutor can help aid in accountability and time management.

Start strong

There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to prioritizing assignments: do the hardest assignment first, or do the easiest first. Students who are struggling to focus may be inadvertently procrastinating because the assignment in front of them is overly difficult. If that’s the case, they may be better off working on simple assignments or ones that are part of a course the student enjoys.It’s a lot easier to concentrate on tasks that are manageable, both in academics and in life. Students can save the extra challenging assignments for their tutoring sessions.  

Self care

Students who are having a hard time focusing generally speaking may just be worn out. The end of the calendar year brings a significant amount of mental tasks that can be overwhelming if the mind and body aren’t getting enough rest. It’s essential for students to remember to get enough sleep, eat healthy snacks, and take breaks to move around during long study sessions. When the body is rested, the mind will be better able to focus on the task at hand, whatever that may be.

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