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AP Test Tutoring

AP Course Tutoring & AP Test Preparation

AP programs began in the 1950s in order to allow high school seniors the opportunity to jumpstart their higher education and obtain college credit during high school.  What began as a unique opportunity for highly gifted and motivated students has become more of the norm. Literally millions of students take AP exams each year. This creates a situation in which high school students essentially must take 1 or more AP exams in order to truly be competitive applicants. Although their original purpose of providing college credit still exists, their foremost purpose is to simply strengthen college applications. Though students do not generally take AP exams without enrolling in the corresponding AP class, those that do still need a high score for it to have an impact.


AP exams are daunting and time consuming. The sheer volume of information packed into many of the exams is more than most students are used to.  In fact, it is more than many AP classes can actually cover, given that the exams occur in May. Students are at a disadvantage here, and most actually end up teaching themselves through a generic AP exam preparation book while doing the regular coursework at the same time.


Needless to say, this is hardly ideal. Your performance on the AP exam won’t be optimal, and your regular coursework could suffer as well.  So take advantage of TutorNerds private AP prep. We have extremely experienced academic experts in the very fields you need to understand in order to master the AP exam.  Take all of the stress out of your studying, and let an expert organize your path to a 5 for you.  Whether you’re seeking help over the course of the year, or just a quick boost here and there, we are happy to provide you with the highest quality, most personalized AP tutoring and exam prep available.


A few AP exams we tutor are:

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Calculus

  • English Composition and Literature

  • Spanish

  • Latin

  • US, European, and World Histories

  • and more

If you don’t see your course listed above, we probably tutor it!  Call us now to master your AP exam with private tutoring!

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