Terms of Service

By purchasing TutorNerds LLC Services, I agree to the terms of this Agreement:

1. Services

TutorNerds LLC shall provide tutoring, test preparation, advice, consulting, and editing Services to clients with respect to matters related to academic tutoring, test preparation, pre-college admissions advising, college admissions, business school admissions, law school admissions, medical school admissions, graduate school admissions, and/or any other type of educational consulting Services. TutorNerds LLC will provide the specific Services purchased by client (collectively, the “Services”).

2. Time and Availability

TutorNerds LLC shall have discretion in selecting the dates and times it performs such tutoring, consulting, editing Services giving due regard to the client’s needs. If TutorNerds LLC client requires more Services at any time, TutorNerds LLC is not obligated to undertake such work.

3. Compensation

Payment is due upon the completion of intervals agreed upon by the client upon signing up for Services. Fees are subject to change.

4. Confidentiality

All communications between TutorNerds LLC and client are strictly confidential. All advice given to client is for his or her exclusive use only and shall not be shared with anyone else under any circumstances.

5. Exclusion from Services

TutorNerds LLC’s provision of the Services to/for me is limited to the exact Services purchased. TutorNerds LLC shall owe me no duty of ongoing Services in this or other matters. TutorNerds LLC’s duties to me under this agreement will end when the retainer time has been used up and/or Services completed according to an agreed duration and/or frequency. After that time, TutorNerds LLC’s Services with me pursuant to this Agreement will cease. Any future Services are not a part of this engagement and will be covered by a separate agreement.

6. Termination of Services

Either of us can terminate this relationship at any time for any reason by giving written or verbal notice to the other party. Upon termination by either party for any reason, I agree and acknowledge that no portion of any fee that I have paid to TutorNerds LLC shall be refunded to me.

7. My Responsibilities

I agree that I will cooperate with TutorNerds LLC in its delivery of the Services and will provide it with truthful responses to all questions that I am asked pursuant to this Agreement. I further agree to immediately notify TutorNerds LLC if anything occurs that changes the answers I have previously supplied or could impact the delivery of the Services. If I decide not to utilized purchased Services in the concurrent application/academic cycle for which Services were purchased, all unused Services can be carried over once to the next annual application/academic cycle if, and only if, I communicate this to TutorNerds LLC, in writing, within six months of the original purchase date.

8. Recording of Sessions

I acknowledge that TutorNerds LLC has the right to record sessions as part of its Services and that I may listen to any such recordings with the express permission of TutorNerds LLC. I agree that I shall not distribute any such recordings of session or otherwise use same for any purpose, except as agreed to by TutorNerds LLC. I further agree that I shall not record any sessions under any circumstances.

9. Further Agreements

By purchasing TutorNerds LLC’s Services I agree to the following: I release TutorNerds  LLC, including its associated employees, consultants and contractors (all of whom shall be referred to as “TutorNerds”) and discharge TutorNerds from all claims, demands, or actions by me, on the basis of the discussions and interpretations of TutorNerds.  Consideration for this release and disclaimer of liability on behalf of TutorNerds shall be the Services rendered by TutorNerds.  Each service requires full payment. Fees paid to TutorNerds are non-refundable. No partial refunds will be issued. TutorNerds reserves the right to terminate a relationship with a client for any reason and at the sole discretion of TutorNerds  If a refund is issued, this amount will be determined at the sole discretion of TutorNerds at the time of termination. All Services must be used within six months of purchase unless otherwise specified by TutorNerds. Funds used to purchase a specific service may not necessarily be used towards the purchase of a different service. No refunds will be issued for unused Services. Advice provided by TutorNerds is the intellectual property of TutorNerds. Services are not transferable. All Services must take place between TutorNerds and the client. Parents and significant others may participate in discussions with the express permission of the client. Guidance will not be offered directly to parents, significant others, or client sponsors. By purchasing TutorNerds Services, I agree with the aforementioned under any applicable law or regulation.

10. Cancellations for Tutoring/Test-Preparation/Consulting/Mock Interview/Brainstorming Sessions

Cancellation for academic tutoring sessions, test-preparation sessions, consulting sessions, brainstorming session and mock interview appointments must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.  Otherwise the client is charged in full.

11. Editing Services

I acknowledge that I will submit a sufficient first draft of materials for editing of specified length (contact us for details). Personal statement rough drafts submitted for editing may be a maximum length as specified by TutorNerds. TutorNerds will not generate my materials for me. Editing Services include revisions of the originally submitted documents only. New documents or essays cannot be substituted for subsequent revisions. If all revisions purchased are not used, no refunds or transfer or funds towards a different service will be issued. Documents edited by TutorNerds cannot be published without permission in writing by TutorNerds.

12. Submission of Application Materials

TutorNerds will not submit any application materials on my behalf nor will they log in to my web based application. TutorNerds is permitted to use comments made by clients on the TutorNerds website and in TutorNerds  materials as testimonials without my express permission as long as TutorNerds posts those comments without my name or identifying information. None of the academic institutions or third parties referenced in TutorNerds’ materials are associated with nor endorse TutorNerds.

13. No Guarantee

I acknowledge there is no guarantee, implied or otherwise, that the Services provided by TutorNerds will improve my chances for admission to college, law school, graduate school, business school, professional school or any other degree awarding institution, nor will they improve my grade point average, increase my academic ranking/standing, raise any test score (standardized or otherwise), or improve my personal or academic record in any way. TutorNerds will provide the specific Services purchased by client.