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Test Preparation

Private, Convenient, Test Preparation with Experts


Test Experts

We match you with test experts who have experience helping students increase their own scores.  TutorNerds test preparation specialists combine the academic knowledge of the test with the most effective studying and test-taking strategies in order to consistently increase results and decrease stress.  We help you with everything you could need at each stage of the process, including logistical concerns such as when to take tests, how to sign up, whether your score will match your goals, and more.

Test Mastery

  • Learn the material and understand how to take the test

  • Study skills, strategies, and organization

  • Effective memorization techniques

  • Test with confidence, ease, and relaxation.


  • Long-term planning or short-term, score-boosting help

  • Packages and group rates—Master the test with your friends!

  • Understand what score is required for your goals


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