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100% Satisfaction Guarantee – You’ll love your tutor, or you don’t pay

Whether you’re searching for a math tutor or a history tutor or even SAT tutoring, TutorNerds can provide talented and experienced tutors for your student to learn from no matter what the curriculum!

    Success stories from local families and students

    Maria L.

    Orange County, CA

    I highly respect Tasha and definitely ask her for feedback & teaching suggestions often because I fully trust her. Also, she speaks Spanish! She is extremely intelligent and some day she’s going to be one of the most successful teachers in her district. Thank you for everything you do for our children. We couldn’t be more grateful.

    Derek G.

    Mission Viejo, CA

    Jad, the tutor I work with that is an associate of this company, is tremendous. Hands down best tutor I have ever had. Very knowledgeable of a multitude of math subjects and is pretty much always available! Has helped me pass all my college math courses! Lifesaver! He’s also a really great guy! Highly recommend him and this company! Great all around!

    Goldie Y.

    Irvine, CA

    It was a hectic Sunday, and my son was struggling with coding which is a language I am not familiar with. I luckily stumbled on TutorNerds and Adam was able to connect us with a fantastic teacher. I cannot express my gratitude enough for Mark for his exceptional skills and extraordinary care for my son. I have never seen my son so elevated after a tutorial. I am glad I stumbled upon this place and look forward to using them for many more years! Thank you, Adam and Mark, for making a difference! You guys are amazing! If you are looking for a tutor, I HIGHLY recommend trying TutorNerds, from my experience so far this place is a gem!

    Aleina S.

    Moreno Valley, CA

    I was recommended here by a class mate, and I’m so glad I followed through. I was struggling to keep up with the material in class and I knew I needed some extra one on one time to really understand the material. Ramin has been so helpful with each chapter and going over the practice midterm. I went from getting C’s on test to A’s. I highly recommend this as an investment into yourself and your education, versus failing classes. He is patient but will also push you to do better every time! Thank you Ramin!

    Barbara S.

    Tustin, CA

    Tutor Nerds are the BEST!! I was desperate to find someone to help me with my college Statistics class, so at the suggestion of a friend I contacted Adam at Tutor Nerds. The demand is high at this time of year for tutoring assistance since the semester is coming to an end, but Adam was quick to find an appropriate tutor for me. Steven was helpful for one session but was unable to continue due to his own studies. Adam B. was then scheduled to meet with me. He is SO smart, and kind, and patient and was actually able to help me understand this very complex subject. I passed the class! THANKS, Tutor Nerds. I’m getting closer to my goal of obtaining my BS degree in nursing. I HIGHLY recommend Tutor Nerds and will happily give their name as a referral to friends and colleagues who need assistance with their studies–specifically statistics.

    Lydia M.

    Irvine, CA

    If you are doubting about getting a tutor with Tutornerds do not hesitate any longer and go for it! I can honestly say that my experience overall with this amazing company and amazing tutor Andrew has been 10 out of 10. Andrew is a great teacher and he is pretty much a human calculator. I am so happy….I am right on track to receive the grade I really wanted in my College Algebra/Pre Calculus class. Tutornerds has helped me learn the material, finish all of my homework and prepare for the exams. My GPA is going to be where it needs to be and I am so thankful.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    TutorNerds is a private tutoring company servicing students in the Southern California area. We individually match students with local tutors and consultants from our team. Your tutor will provide high-quality tutoring in-person at the convenience of your residence or another public location.

    We recognize that sickness, family events, or other unexpected occurrences may arise such that you are unable to keep your reserved time slot. With advance notice, we are happy to reschedule tutoring at no additional cost. However, since it is nearly impossible to fill a tutoring session without warning sufficiently in advance, we require 24 hours notice for cancellations or we will charge for the cancelled session. If you need to cancel a session, please contact us.

    Yes. We tutor undergraduate level subjects as well as undergraduate and graduate level standardized tests.

    One session is 60 minutes. A session may be extended at the parent’s or student’s request (tutor’s schedule permitting).

    We treat each student as a unique individual. We can recommend the number of sessions once we have assessed your child’s strengths, areas of improvement, learning style, and academic goals.

    Our Pricing Philosophy

    We don’t rely on expensive advertising campaigns or fancy marketing. And we don’t force clients to buy huge packages before getting started. Our pricing is set to give flexibility for our clients while also ensuring reasonable compensation to our tutors. We believe our pricing structure is fair to work with the best tutors in the local community. In addition, working with tutors as good as ours, you’re saving time, effort, and energy that you would otherwise spend trying to figure out your academic situation on your own. We take the thought and stress out of the process, which ultimately saves you time and money. Plus, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first session, so if our tutoring/consulting is less than exceptional, you don’t pay.