Around this time of year most students are handed their various grade reports, to some the news will be a delight while others may need to readjust their study habits or think about getting a little bit of extra help in that one really tough subject. If you are one of the students who did really well in all of your classes, great! Just keep doing what you’re doing and keep up the good work. If you did not quite reach your goals, it’s important to know that there is support available whether it comes to comprehension of a challenging subject or support with accountability and study habits.

Study habits

Many students need extra support when it comes to developing effective study habits. It can be really helpful for students to maintain a regular schedule with their one-on-one tutor to ensure they are staying on track. It’s much easier to stay on top of things than to get caught up once grades have already dropped. Generally speaking, students should have a dedicated time each day or week, depending on their grade level, when they work on homework and get organized for the week ahead. Keeping a regular schedule is one of the best ways for students to achieve an excellent grade report for the next term.


It’s also essential for students to have accountability when it comes to academics. In some instances this may just mean maintaining better organization and making sure that the student has enough time to complete their assignments. In other instances it means working with a tutor either in person or online each week and maybe emailing with the tutor a couple of times a week to make sure they are still on track. If students are starting to procrastinate or avoid certain assignments, they should let their tutor know right away so they can adjust future sessions as necessary.

Maintaining a positive outlook

Almost every student has at least one subject they struggle with and it can be easy to focus only on that one aspect of their academic career. However, it’s essential for students to remember how well they did in their other courses and know their hard work is paying off in those subjects. It can be easy to abandon good study habits in topics a student normally does well in to focus on that one tough topic, which can often leave students unprepared for tests and quizzes they would normally ace. The main point is for students to stay positive, reach out for the academic support they need, and remember that their hard work will help them succeed.

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