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TutorNerds Online Tutoring with Skype™ and Google+ Hangouts™

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TutorNerds Online Tutoring services provides all the same benefits of our regular academic tutoring and test-prep services at the convenience of your nearest computer screen and at a fraction of the cost.  Online Tutoring sessions utilize high quality video-conferencing and screen-sharing technology such as Skype & Google+ Hangouts. With Skype & Google+ Hangouts, you and your tutor will be able to see and communicate with one another in real-time using your computer’s webcam and microphone.  And setting up an account with Skype or Google+ Hangout is quick, simple and free—and we’re happy to help you do it!

The core benefits of our in-home tutoring remain:

  • Experienced and Enthusiastic tutors
  • Flexible scheduling
  • In-home convenience
  • Personalized sessions based on your goals

But because you connect to your tutor via the Internet, sessions are even more comfortable for you. Master any class, Ace any test…in your pajamas.

For many students, TutorNerds Online Tutoring is a highly effective alternative to regular one-on-one tutoring because personalized, face-to-face tutoring sessions are made possible anywhere with an Internet connection and a webcam. You can even have sessions while you’re traveling or on vacation. Don’t let your work pile up when you can have a personalized solution right now, from wherever you are.

At TutorNerds, we never sacrifice the quality of our services. With Online Tutoring, you still are matched with one of our academic or test prep experts according to your preference and scheduling convenience. And we guarantee your satisfaction with our TutorMatch money-back guarantee. If we aren’t able to provide you with an ideal match, you don’t pay.

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