As students approach the end of the school term they will be met with a number of extra tasks including test prep and final exams at a time when they are already feeling tired from the demands of the school year. It can be easy for students to remain on auto-pilot, studying until they are overwhelmed without really absorbing the information they are trying to retain. At this point, it’s a great idea to reach out for support so the remainder of the term can be manageable and ultimately successful. Regardless of what grade students are currently in, the right support can help anyone.

Talk honestly with your tutor

Students who already work with a tutor can have a conversation about how much support they think they will need for the rest of the term, even if they now need help managing subjects they generally excel in. Tutors can help with study prep and organization just as much as the actual topics covered in a course, and this can be a real support to students who are feeling like their workload is too much. Students studying for standardized exams at the same time as finals should seriously discuss time management with their tutor before the exam dates get too close.

Reach out to your classroom teacher

It’s also important for students to talk with their classroom teacher if they are feeling burned out towards the end of the term. The teacher may be able to provide a study guide so that students can economize their time on any given topic while still heading towards their academic goals. Conferencing with the teacher also helps students recognize their current academic patterns so they can plan ahead for the next term, perhaps ending up with a better course of action for future terms. 

Meet with your study group

Working with a group of equally motivated students can really help students stay on track and get through the final push until the last day of term. Study friends can help each other break up portions of a study guide, with each student focusing on one of two parts or they can tackle the information as a whole, providing peer support when needed. Not already part of a study group? It might be a good idea to join, or start, one next term to ensure more manageable study sessions in the future.

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