Tips From An Irvine College Admissions Consultant: 5 Reasons to Love Your Target School


Most high school seniors will end up attending one of their target schools. There’s a reason they’re called ‘target’ after all because they’re the ones that students’ grades and test scores most align to. There are so many great things about choosing one of these types of colleges to continue an education and find a great career. Applicants should be excited to have been accepted to any number of their target schools because there are so many reasons to love this option – still applying to college? Our experienced Irvine college admissions consultants are here to help you get into your dream University.

1.  A good academic fit

First off, target schools are almost always a good academic fit for a student. The amount of studying and assignments required to be successful is generally something that a student is used to, based on their high school GPA and college entrance exam scores. The university will have felt that the student was more than capable of handling a college level workload before handing out acceptance. Students who accept a place at one of their target schools can count on being a good academic fit based on what the school requires.

2.  Social networking

Every college and university will offer students an opportunity to social network and make connections for the benefit of their future career. Students should definitely check out the social opportunities available on campus and pick out a couple of clubs or organization they would like to join. It’s important to look at clubs that have something to do with the student’s major field of study but also to look outside of their part of campus and network with students in other fields. Whether a student is attending a small liberal arts college or a giant research university there will be plenty of opportunities to social network.

3.  Time for a work-life balance

Students who attend a target school should also look forward to a fairly decent work-life balance. Because their current academic abilities are on par with what the university expects, students should have at least some time to relax and recharge once they adjust to their initial schedule. A work-life balance is really important for a college student because, if they are studying 24/7, they won’t have time to enjoy the other benefits of college life such as socializing, being part of the community, and meeting people from around the globe. Additionally, students need time to simply relax and get enough sleep so they can handle next week’s work load (READ: 5 Signs You Need An Irvine Math Tutor In College).

4.  Choosing a major

Students should also get excited about eventually choosing a major field of study to concentrate on. If a student is at one of their target schools they should have the opportunity to take a few classes outside of their initial interests and discover what they would like to spend the next 30 years of their life working on. Choosing a major is a very careful selection and students are encouraged to play to their strengths and talents but also think about what type of salary and lifestyle they would like to have once they graduate from college. Some fields require a Masters degree or PhD while others offer good starting salaries right after graduation.

5.  Being on par with your peers

Another great thing about attending a target school is that a student will be on par with the competition. Some schools encourage teamwork while others prefer students to compete for grades and status. Either way, students in this situation will be in a good position to do well, maintain a good GPA, and make connections but also be able to compete with the other students in their year. Having peers that can challenge a student but also help them succeed is a really important aspect of university life.

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