Tips from a Los Angeles Math Tutor: 5 Things Math Majors Should do this Fall


Math is a popular major because it provides students with so many opportunities in different fields ranging from finance to business and engineering to accounting. Whether students are currently learning about math theory or applied math, there are some things they need to know to be successful in their classes. Students will need to get some real world experience in addition to what they learned in the classroom in order to have a good start in the math-oriented career field of their choice – our private Los Angeles math tutors are here to help you succeed this fall.

1. Organize formulas

Math majors should keep a list of every formula they see on a test or as part of an assignment. It seems easy enough to remember a few formulas here and there, but by the end of the semester, students will have a dozen formulas they need to recall at will to pass final exams. One of the best ways students can prepare for these tests is to have a pre-made list of formulas with any necessary explanations so the student doesn’t have to spend hours organizing before they can start studying. Saving time and learning efficiently is one of the best things math majors can do this fall.

2. Join a study group

By nature, mathematics is often done alone, sometimes preventing students from social networking and becoming a part of their on-campus community. Students can combat this by joining a study group full of motivated and goal-oriented peers who can provide encouragement and assistance when it comes to completing assignments and studying for tests and quizzes. Regardless of major, all university-level students should have the opportunity to make new friends and make business connections for the future. Joining a study group is one of the best ways of getting to know other smart students with great careers in front of them (READ: 4 Important Things to do Before Taking the ACT this Fall).

3. Learn to love the calculator

While many students may be able to get through college math classes geared towards non-majors with just a four-function calculator, math majors will need several calculators in their desk drawer ranging from graphing to financial. Once a student learns how to use their calculator properly, it will make total sense and make assignments a lot easier. However, students who are using a financial calculator for the first time, for example, may find the keystrokes to be very different. Students can either learn as they go or take a few instructions on how to use their calculator before they start their courses.

4. Real life math

Math theory is important because it gives students a conceptual background for all of the calculations they will be doing and helps explain why computations are done in a particular way. However, most career fields will require workers to utilize applied math. When students are taking advanced level courses, they are encouraged to think about how a particular formula or calculation can be related to the real world. Does it apply to economics for finance? Can it be used to calculate statistics? Understanding the applications of math helps students understand its importance and also help them choose the particular career field that best suits their talents (READ: 5 Signs You Need a Math Tutor in College).

5. Apply for an internship

It’s also a very good idea for students to apply for summer internships early on in the year. One of the best ways for math majors to get career experience is to work at a company or firm that utilizes numbers on a regular basis. Internships also provide great business networking opportunities so that students have a foot in the door of their chosen career field upon graduation.

Our private Los Angeles math tutoring will help you succeed this fall. Call us today, and we will match you with one of our experience LA math tutor.

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