Tips from a Private Fullerton Academic Tutor: How to Overcome Senioritis: The Last Semester Push

Senioritis has always been and continues to be a significant issue for students about to graduate high school. Some students started to lose their concentration way back in September, but most will be dreaming of things other than assignments by the end of January or February. Many students can still squeak by with a decent GPA and continue to do well with less effort through the end of the academic year. However, these students still perform well because they have less on their plate, not because they’re not studying. College applications are over, which is a huge weight off any student’s shoulders.


Unfortunately, too many students take their senioritis too far and can end up in a bad spot with their overall grades. This can result in the loss of a scholarship, financial aid, or even cause them to lose their place at the college of their dreams. It’s important for seniors to overcome their senioritis and push through their very last semester as a high school student. Here are five tips from a private Fullerton tutor on how to beat senioritis your final semester.

1. Balance your work-life schedule

Now that students don’t have to spend several hours a week applying to colleges and writing personal statements, they can rebalance their work life schedule. This doesn’t mean they should simply give up and stop studying altogether but rather they should take a look at what they can do with these newly free hours. Maybe they wanted to take an exercise class or spend time with friends on the weekends. Perhaps they have a few community service hours left to fill, or maybe they need to spend time applying for a scholarship. What’s important is that students maintain a balance that is reasonable and that they can maintain through the end of May (READ: “Irvine English Tutor: 5 Tips for Last Minute Finals Study”).

2. Maintain a routine

It’s important that students maintain a routine until the end of their senior year. Even if they’re still getting all A’s and feel confident about their AP exams in the spring, they still need to have some structure. Perhaps they come home from school and take an hour break prior to completing homework or maybe they work with their tutor on Saturdays from 2 to 4. What’s important is that they keep their routine consistent so they stay motivated.

3. Schedule in social time

Students who don’t schedule in any social time will either end up feeling overwhelmed and isolated or will end up dropping all of their responsibilities to hang out with friends. It’s hard to give up social plans on Friday night but it’s easier if a student knows they have fun plans for both Saturday and Sunday. Social time is important and students are encouraged to schedule it in reasonable increments so they can enjoy life but still get all of their work done in a timely manner.

4. Meet with the teacher once a week

Students who are fighting off senioritis are encouraged to me with their teacher once a week or so. Most high school teachers have office hours where students can come and ask for extra help. Even if the student is maintaining a good GPA; they know they will have to the hold themselves accountable if they’re meeting with their teacher regularly. If their teacher is unavailable students are encouraged to work with their tutor once a week and make sure they’re staying organized. Students can also ask their Fullerton academic tutors to hold them accountable and remind them of important due dates (READ: “The Modern College Experience: One Size Doesn’t Fit All”).

5. Picture a positive future

High school seniors who are becoming overwhelmed may have a difficult time picturing a positive future. When studying for AP exams, it may seem like high school will never end. This encourages students to give up on their studies and simply hang out and watch TV after school. Unfortunately, this can lead to some serious issues when it comes to graduation. Alternatively, seniors are encouraged to think of what their lives will be like a year from now. Perhaps they will be attending a fabulous college and studying something they love in a new and exciting city. Whatever the situation, students are encouraged to keep their future at the forefront of their mind so they can remember what they’re doing all this hard work for.

End your senior year on a positive note with the help of a Fullerton, CA academic tutor from TutorNerds. Call us today for more details.

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