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Q: Why would I consider tutoring if I already have good grades?

Brief: Many students participate in maintenance tutoring in order to keep their grades up.


Over the years, many students have waited to arrange tutoring until their education started to go downhill. This often results in several hours of tutoring for just one subject and then students find that their grades in other subjects fall by the wayside. Maintenance tutoring is a way of preventing this from happening and can be helpful for students who are tackling AP classes or test prep in conjunction with their everyday studies – don’t hesitate to book your Orange County academic tutor.

Students who often get A or B grades in middle school are surprised at the academic challenges they face in high school. That is no surprise because high school is not easy! Even one hour of tutoring per week can help keep those grades up and avoid unnecessary stress. One of the most popular types of maintenance tutoring is for study skills. Basically, a tutor will come to your home and make sure that you have all of your assignments in order and that you have each assignment handed in on time.

Maintenance tutors help you juggle

Maintenance tutors also help out students who are juggling multiple academic tasks. Many students are taking two AP subjects while trying to study for their SAT or ACT all at the same time (READ: “Grades and AP Class“). This is a task that would make a smart and capable adult roll their eyes with stress and frustration; asking a teen to complete all of these duties without any assistance is overwhelming. A maintenance tutor can help those ambitious students stay on top of their game. One hour a week might not be enough for two AP classes and test prep so I suggest sitting down with your tutor at your initial consultation session and talking with him or her about your current goals and time limits.

Maintenance tutors are also a great option for students applying to elite universities or those who plan to apply for a merit scholarship. Very few students can go it alone at this level because they are being asked to accomplish mental tasks formerly reserved for adult students. If you are taking two or more AP classes, are taking the SAT and/or the ACT this fall or next spring, and are participating in sports, a part time job, volunteer work or any other time consuming task, consider the option of utilizing a maintenance tutor to help you navigate your junior and senior year (READ: “Last Minute SAT Study Guide“).

Don’t go it alone! Consider the help of an Irvine academic tutor

Very few students at this level can do it all on their own-if you are one of them then feel lucky-so I recommend talking to a tutor before you get too close to the AP exam or your SAT/ACT date.

Students who are currently doing well in school may find that they can achieve even more with the help of a tutor (READ: “10 Study Tips from an Irvine History Tutor“). A diligent student with a GPA of 3.5 may find that they can get their GPA up to a 3.8 or even a 4.0 with some extra help. Multi-subject tutors are a great resource for these types of students so consider asking for someone who can work with you on multiple subjects at you current grade level.

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