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Tips from an Anaheim Math Tutor: Should You “Cross Multiply”?

Anaheim Math Tutor Tips: Should You “Cross Multiply”?

“Cross multiply” is an often-used term in mathematics that often sticks in people’s memories long after they graduate high school and stop taking math classes. However, most of those people don’t really know what it is and why it works. So many students are just taught to “cross multiply” when they see an equation with fractions. Unlike many other memorized phrases in math, cross multiplication is actually a useful tool that often makes problems with fractions a little bit easier – sign up for your private Anaheim math tutor.

But just like anything else you memorize in math, you should understand what you’re doing rather than just memorizing a seemingly arbitrary procedure. Cross multiplication is just the “undoing” of division that is being done. If you have two fractions, that is the same as dividing by something on each side. And, just like we can subtract to “undo” addition, we can multiply to “undo” the division that is making those pesky fractions.

Here are three examples that we will solve both with and without cross multiplying. You can see that there are always other ways to solve these problems, as well as why cross multiplying works and is a little bit simpler.

As a general rule of thumb, I do not teach cross multiplication without making sure my students know how to solve the problems without it first. That way I help promote a stronger understanding of how to solve simple algebraic equations that will hopefully stick with them and translate to other math skills rather than leaving them thinking “cross multiply is how you have to solve fractions.”

Here is the first example:

In this example, we have two fractions and need to solve for x. To help find x, we can notice that the fraction on the right can be reduced:

Now we have successfully eliminated the fraction on the right. To solve for x, we now only have to divide both sides by 2. There are a few ways to think about doing this, including using your calculator or converting the left fraction to a decimal. I’ll not that two-fifths divided by two leaves us with one fifth:

We get a solution of one fifth (1/5) which is equal to 0.2. No cross multiplying was needed, only our standard multiplication and division. Let’s do the same with cross multiplication:

Here, we didn’t think about reducing the initial fraction. We simply cross multiplied: taking the diagonal terms in our fractions and multiplying them together (one set in green and the other in purple). This makes the “cross” of our cross multiplication. After we do this, we get a fairly trivial equation of 8 = 40x to solved. We divide both sides by 40 and get the same answer we did above.

Example 2:

Now the x is on the bottom of the fraction. To solve this, we could multiply both sides by x to “undo” the 7 being divided by an x on the left. However, another way would be to make the right side of the equation look like the left. We notice that the left side has a 7 on top, but the right side has a 14. We can change the 14 into a 7 by halving the top and bottom of the right:

Let’s use cross multiplication to solve the same problem:

No extra thinking here or even trying to get the x out of the bottom of the fraction. We simply follow the cross multiplying procedure and multiply the green together and the purples to get our final, simple equation that yields the same 1.5 answer.

Example 3:

Our last example gets a little more complex with terms in parentheses. Cross multiplying here would probably be the best choice, but it’s never the only choice. The fraction on the left is a term being divided by 6. The fraction on the right is a term being divided by 9. We can distribute the division (just like you would distribute multiplication into parentheses) to get an equation we can solve:

We could have kept our work as fractions instead of decimals, but this is likely how it would look if you were using a calculator to help you solve the problem, and decimals are equally as valid as long as we don’t round them. Let’s see how it looks using cross multiplication:

Here we get the same answer as above by following the exact same cross multiplication procedure. Notice that we still had to distribute when we multiplied the terms in parentheses.

Cross multiplying can be a very helpful tool when solving equations with fractions. However, it should not be thought of as the only way to do so, and it should not be the only way students are taught. Thinking this way will continue to lead to many students being confused about fractions and unsure of how to work with them. Cross multiply doesn’t have to go away, but the blind memorization of it should.

Michael C. is currently a private math, science, and standardized test tutor with TutorNerds in Irvine and Anaheim.

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Get the Most Out of Your Private Orange County Tutor

Get the Most Out of Your Private OC Tutor: 3 Quick Tips

Private tutoring is a solution for academic woes that continues to grow in popularity. Whether it be for a difficult high school class, an essential standardized test, a confusing college course, or a looming cumulative final, more adults and young adults are seeking out tutors to help them achieve the best grade possible. After tutoring dozens of students in each of the above categories and more, here are some of my quick tips for how you can achieve the best results with your personal Orange County tutor.

Send Them Your Material

This tip is first and is first for good reason. If you want to set yourself up for a good tutoring lesson, you should always strive to send your tutor the material you need help with ahead of time. Preferably a full day or two before your session. If you have study guides to review, homework to finish, or just class notes on the topic you are struggling with, then send them to your tutor. If it’s for standardized tests, then send them any practice tests you’ve already taken, score reports you’ve already received, or practice material you’ve already purchased or been given.

The reason is that it will lessen the time at the beginning of your session that your tutor would normally have to take to get acquainted with your specific material and find the best way to proceed. Hiring experienced and qualified tutors is a necessity, but classes are taught by many different teachers with many different curriculums and many different priorities. Your Biology 101 teacher could have wildly different expectations and required topics than other teachers and other schools. Give your tutor some time to review your material to make sure they know what you need help with before your lesson is due to begin.

Have Concrete Goals

Make sure you know what you want to get out of tutoring. Are you working toward your social science degree and really need to understand everything in your statistics course? Are you trying to get through your last math class and just need to make sure you pass? Is your GPA important to you but you don’t really care about AP Lit? These are all things that will be useful for your tutor to know.

If you’re aiming for specific test scores or working towards a specific goal, a tutor can help you achieve that – if you tell them. Teaching someone math who’s failing and needs to get a C will have a much different approach than someone who is already doing well but wants to get an A. And both cases are different than teaching someone who really wants to learn and understand to do better in the future rather than someone who wants to get a grade and never do it again. These differences can change how your tutor will approach your lessons and studying recommendations.

Show Them Your Grades

Anything that you have that you’ve already finished and is graded: quizzes, tests, practice tests, essays, projects, etc. Seeing how you’re doing on these assignments can be instrumental in diagnosing your specific problem areas and finding appropriate solutions.

How you do in an Orange County private tutoring session isn’t always indicative of how you’ll do on your own in a classroom or testing setting. Reading a passage and answering questions quickly might be easy when you have your tutor to help, but that doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense and you have to read the paragraph four times when you do it on your own. In math class, you might understand the lesson but make simple mistakes on the test. If your tutor sees this pattern in your grades, they can dedicate more time to repetition or revisiting specific problem areas. Viewing these grades can also give them an idea of what your teacher is looking for, how they make their test, and how strictly they grade. This is all important in how they should proceed with your tutoring.

Don’t forget that the job of a tutor is to help you achieve your individual academic goals. In order for them to be effective in this task, you should provide them with all of the tools you can. If your experienced tutor knows what your goals, can review your material on their own, and can view and evaluate your performance, they will better be able to tailor specific lessons for you that can best help you succeed.

Book your private Orange County tutor from TutorNerds today.

Michael C. is currently a private math, science, and standardized test tutor with TutorNerds in Irvine and Anaheim.

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How to Get Ahead in School Over Thanksgiving Break!

Tips from a Private Irvine Tutor: Getting Ahead in School Over Thanksgiving Break!


Fall break is coming up, whether you or your student is in elementary, middle, high school, or college.  Breaks usually range from just an extra day off up to a week of vacation time.  Coming around a month before the end of the semester, this break is an ideal time to make sure your grades and progress are exactly where you want them to be.  If they aren’t, then use this time to bring them up.  If they are, then you can still use this time to remain proactive and stay ahead of your classes – end the semester strong with the help of a private Irvine academic tutor.

Let’s start with if your grades need improvement.  Maybe you started out strong but lost focus at some point, maybe you’ve been struggling from the beginning of the year, or maybe you feel like you understand the material but your grades don’t reflect that.  These can all be remedied over the break if you are simply willing to make the effort.  If you do have a grade that you are proud of, but are worried about the future, you can still benefit from work over the break.  Maybe you have an A in your class but are worried about the final, maybe you have good grades so far but don’t understand what you’re learning, or maybe there is an AP test in your future that you want to do well on.  Regardless of your situation, here are the methods you should try:

1. Talk with (or email) your teacher before the break. Your teacher knows your grade and the factors that led to it.  Your teacher is also the number one expert on their class and how to get an A.  Before you leave for break, visit your teacher or send a message that includes these talking points: what your grade is now and where you would like it to be, what factors specifically are bringing your grade down (tests, homework, participation, etc.), any possible extra credit opportunities, and what they recommend studying or working on over the break.  If you have a helpful teacher, their knowledge can help guide your fall break to get you on track for a better grade.

2. Get ahead! Do you have a project due in a few weeks?  What about a test that isn’t until after break?  A final that you know is looming in the distance?  Work on them over your break.  Even if it just means typing a few sentences for your final paper, saving a mostly empty PowerPoint for your project, or only making a dozen flash cards to study for your final.  Do a little bit each day and you’ll be shocked at the stress it relieves knowing that you have already begun this work.  It also gives you the opportunity to find thing that you don’t understand or don’t know how to do so you have plenty of time to ask for help.

3. Find a professional to help diagnose your current situation in your class and help you improve it and get ahead. An experienced tutor can help you find where you should be focusing in your class and help teach you to target any problem areas.  If you are struggling with the fundamentals from September, they can take the free time during the break to help you relearn and master these concepts.  If you’re mostly caught up, they can predict what you might be covering next so that you can learn it early and be confident when you go back to class.  If you need help studying, writing, or just comprehending what is going on in your class, a one-on-one tutor can devote individual time to you to help fix the problem while you still have free time during the break.

Seeking help from the teacher is always a primary tool at your disposal.  However, we all know that this method simply is not effective with many teachers.  They might not have the time to help you individually, you might not find their help beneficial, or they might not be willing to help you.  Whether or not the teacher is able to assist, the key to having success in your class is doing the work, getting ahead, and seeking outside help if you need it.  If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or overworked because of classes, take this opportunity during the break to prevent those feelings from happening again.

Don’t wait to book your in-home Irvine tutor for finals! Call TutorNerds today.

Michael C. is currently a private math, science, and standardized test tutor with TutorNerds in Irvine and Anaheim.

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Four Tips to Write a Better College Entrance Essay

Fullerton College Admissions Consultant Tips: Four Tips to Write a Better College Entrance Essay

For many high school students, it’s time to start writing your college entrance essays. Most Universities require some form of an essay to apply. Some colleges offer a prompt while others ask why you want to attend their school. No matter what the task is, students should take their time and get to work on their essays as early as possible. To help you along the way, one of our experienced Fullerton college admissions consultants has shared four tips to write better entrance essays.

1. Write More Than One Draft

No matter how great of a writer you think you are, you won’t get it perfect in the first draft. For many, writing is a chore, so once you finish an essay the last thing you want to do is write it again. We understand, but keep in mind that what you write might not be as clear once you sleep on it and reread it in the morning. Luckily the second draft will won’t take as long, and you’ll be encouraged as you see progress with each new draft. It will all be worth it once you get into the college of your dreams!

2. Get Help from a Fullerton Tutor

Our private Fullerton college admissions consultants have a 97% success rate. In other words, they know what they are doing. Not only will they give you feedback on your essays, but they will provide you with tips and tricks for success before you even begin writing (READ: Four Ways to Come Up With a Great Thesis Statement).

3. Have More Than One Person Read Your Essay

You need more than a second opinion. Keep in mind that you’ve been working on this essay for weeks, so your brain might be a bit scrambled making sentences and words appear correct when they are in fact incorrect. Having three or four people read (please chose your peer reviewers wisely) will make sure you aren’t missing any glaring mistakes. Also, have them explain to you what you were trying to say. If what they tell you isn’t what you meant to write, find out which parts are ambiguous or incorrect and write another draft.

4. Write Clear and Concise Sentences

When writing, it is always important to have your audience in mind. In this case, you’ll be writing for highly educated entrance officials who have to read a lot of essays. Remember this: using big words and long sentences won’t make you look smart. Does that make sense? In other words, if you’re overusing the thesaurus and constructing wordy sentences, you’re going to come off as a bad writer, not an intellectual. For an essay such as this, write clearly and concisely. If a sentence isn’t as clear as possible, rewrite it so that it is. For example, which sentence reads more clearly?

I am adroit at the intricacies of higher education and fully plan on perpetuating the given tasks the university assigns me.


I look forward to taking on the challenges of higher education

If it’s not clear to you, it won’t be apparent to the reader. Keep it simple.

Starting your college entrance essays soon? Book a private Fullerton tutor today.

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5 Things to do This August to Prepare For School

Irvine Tutoring Tips: 5 Things to do This August to Prepare For School

I know many students will roll their eyes at the thought of this post, but school is just around the corner, and it’s better to prepare now than fall behind. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to enjoy your final weeks of vacation all while getting your brain in gear for the school year. Odds are you’ve been doing some form of school work, whether it be test prep for the summer ACT/SAT or taking a summer class. For those who haven’t even touched a book in weeks, that’s okay too! There’s plenty of time to get your brain back in shape.

As a private Irvine academic tutor, I know the importance of furthering your education over the summer. From applying to college to scoring high on important tests, students have a lot on their plates and can’t afford to take months off from learning. Luckily summer learning can be fun and focused on your interests – check out some of our past blog posts for ideas such as educational family trips and blogging.

Here are five things you can do this August to help you prepare for the first day of school.

1. Hire a Private Irvine Tutor

The best part about hiring a back-to-school Irvine tutor is that they work with your schedule. That way you can still fit in a few final summer activities without it interfering with your tutoring. Whether you are preparing for a specific class or just want to get the rust off in subjects such as math and science, our private Irvine academic tutors are here to help you succeed.

2. Make a Calendar

This one is particularly important for students starting college in the fall. With a higher level of education comes more responsibility. Don’t expect the University to hold your hand and make sure you are doing everything you need to before classes start. Check your school’s calendar and add any important due dates, meet and greets, etc. into your personal calendar. Keep in mind that some classes require you to read a book before classes start. There’s no shame in adding “start reading that book!” into your calendar.

3. For Parents: Review Standards For Upcoming Year

Most schools will allow you to see the learning standards for the upcoming year. These will include topics covered – especially helpful in science and social studies. For example, if your student is set to learn about California history in the upcoming grade, take them to CA Historical Museums over the summer. Not only will the give them a leg up, but help them put what they are learning into context.

4. Put Away Your Phone and Pick Up a Book

Let’s be honest, how many hours did you spend this summer staring at your phone? No judgment, just wanted to put that into perspective. Take a break from your phone and pick up a book. The good news is you can read something you want to read instead of an assigned book. Without even realizing it, you are improving your writing and reading skills while you enjoy a little book break (READ: 5 Ways to Get Your Kid to Love Reading).

5. Review How Last Year Went

Take a moment to review how your previous school year went. While it’s important to focus on your grades and test scores, think about why you scored the way you did. For instance, were you overwhelmed when you signed up for a Spanish club? Make a note of these things and plan your upcoming year accordingly. Learning from your mistakes and achievements can help make the year go much smoother.

It’s never too early to book your private Irvine tutor for the new school year. Call TutorNerds today for more information.

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4 Family-Friendly Educational Activities in San Diego

Four Family-Friendly Educational Activities in San Diego

In our previous blog post, we shared a few of our favorite educational activities for families in Irvine. This week, we are sharing three fun activities in San Diego. With summer entering its final months, it’s essential to get your kid’s educational curiosity going again. One of the best ways to do that is to take a family trip to somewhere that’s fun, interactive, and educational. If a kid is having fun, they won’t even realize they are learning. In addition to these trips, we encourage you to book your private San Diego tutor to help your kids gear up for the school year.

Same with Irvine, San Diego has way too many fun and educational activities to list in one article, which is why we are only sharing four to get you started. By showing kids that learning can be fun and interactive, you’re helping develop an educational curiosity that can last a lifetime.

1. San Diego Natural History Museum

Located in Balboa Park in San Diego, the San Diego Natural History Museum seeks out to “interpret the natural world through research, education and exhibits.” From dinosaurs to the history of CA’s water systems, the museum offers a wide range of informative and interactive exhibits. I mean, who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

2. San Diego Botanic Gardens

It’s important for kids to connect with nature, especially in our world full of screens and distractions. By visiting the Botanic Gardens, kids will learn about plants, food sources, and the role the environment plays in their life (READ: Three Family-Friendly Educational Activities in Irvine).

3. New Children’s Museum

What’s better than a museum that uses art to help children learn creativity and critical thinking? According to its website, “The New Children’s Museum is a new model of children’s museum whose mission is to stimulate imagination, creativity and critical thinking in children and families through inventive and engaging experiences with contemporary art.” Keep an eye out for closures due to seasonal events.

4. Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Connect your kids to the power of science at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park, San Diego! The Center has over 100 interactive exhibits as well as an IMAX theater – perfect for a triple-digit summer day. Check out their summer camp options for a more immersive science experience (READ: San Diego Tutoring Tips: Ways to Improve Your Concentration).

Between taking family trips to educational destinations and the help of a private San Diego tutor, your kids won’t be rusty when it’s time to go back to school in the fall.

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Why You Need Irvine Tutoring This Summer

Reasons You Need Irvine Private Tutoring This Summer


Summer 2018 has officially begun, and students across the nation are letting out a collective sigh of relief. No matter how the school year panned out, it’s always nice to have a break and regroup after hours spent studying and doing homework. While it’s important to have fun, it’s also important to spend some time this break re-evaluating how the year went. Did you get the grades you were expecting? Was there a subject you struggled in more than others? Do you feel ready for next year? No matter how well you did, you can always improve. Everyone can benefit from private Irvine tutoring, which is why we suggest booking your Irvine tutor early this summer.

Just in case, we came up with a list of four reasons why you might need some private Irvine summer tutoring. Our private tutors work with your schedule, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on the fun activities you have planned.

1. You Didn’t Do As Well As You Hoped

Everyone has a subject or class they struggle with, so the first thing to do is take a deep breath and realize everything will work out in the end. Sometimes doing poorly in a class is a positive because it gives you the incentive to seek extra help and improve. From math to English, our private summer tutors can help you succeed in any subject.

2. You Want to Get a Head Start on Next Year

Are you taking an AP class next year? Are you expecting your new stats class to be challenging? Don’t wait until it’s too late to learn you need extra help. Get a head start on next year with the help of a private tutor (READ: Irvine Writing Tutor Tips: How to Improve Your Writing This Summer).

3. You Want to Prep For the ACT and SAT

Some of you may be taking your tests this summer while others are prepping for the fall. Either way, it’s never too late or too early to book your private Irvine test prep tutor. Don’t rely on only the test prep book and practice exams to prepare you. Our ACT and SAT tutors are the best in Orange County.

4. You’re Starting College in the Fall

Congratulations! You’re done with high school and about to start an exciting new chapter in your life. From more freedom to tailgating, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to higher education. While college is fun and intellectually stimulating, it’s best not to underestimate the difficulty of your classes. Start your college career in a good position for academic success with the help of a summer college prep tutor.

Enlisting a private Irvine summer tutor will help you catch up and get ahead on your schoolwork all while having fun. Call us today for more information.

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3 Great Ways to Work on Reading Over the Summer

Tips from a Fullerton Tutor: 3 great Ways to Work on Reading Over the Summer


As students prepare for the end of the school year, they will be assessed to see how far they’ve come in the last few months. For younger students, the basic building blocks such as reading are one of the most important things to learn about. Parents are encouraged to get in touch with their child’s teacher before the end of the year to determine where their skill levels are currently. If students are doing well they can just use the teacher’s suggested reading list as a guideline. However, if the student is at risk of falling behind, they should consider making reading a primary focus over the summer. The classroom teacher is the best source of individualized information which can help parents and students create a plan that best meets their specific needs. However, there are some universal tips and tricks to help kids work on reading skills over the summer months – book your experienced Fullerton reading tutor for the summer.

1. Create a regular schedule

It can be hard to get kids to focus on reading when the weather is beautiful, and they want to be outside. If students have a regular schedule where they work on reading at a particular time each day, it will be easier for them to transition and focus. The schedule can be very specific or more generalized. For example, the student could work on reading from 3 to 3:45 each afternoon or the parent could just arrange for their kid to work on reading at some point in the afternoon, so long as the schedule is consistent the student will have a better chance of being able to concentrate on their reading and improve their skills over time.

2. Work with a Fullerton tutor

If the classroom teacher has suggested an individualized plan geared to help a student reach a certain set of goals, then it’s helpful to work with a one-on-one Fullerton tutor. The tutor can go over the goals with the student or parent and determine how to create a plan that fits into the student’s summer tutoring schedule. Tutors can help younger students focus and organize but they can also help students delve into challenging material and help keep them motivated to push through. Many students don’t see immediate results with reading, and so the task can become frustrating rather quickly. Over time, however, students who stick to a consistent reading schedule will find that it becomes a lot easier to sound out words and learn English language patterns as well as build confidence at home and in the classroom (READ: Irvine Academic Tutor Tips: How to Beat Senioritis).

3. Choose interesting subject matter

If a student is already struggling with reading, introducing dry material or characters that the student can’t relate to will make the task nearly impossible. It’s essential to find out what the student is interested in at this point in time and encourage them to read about that thing in particular. It doesn’t really matter if the student is reading about dirt biking, unicorns, baseball games, or an adventure through the Jungle just so long as they’re learning how to read. In addition to choosing a topic, the student is interested in it’s important that they can identify any characters that may appear in a novel. If the student is interested in what happens to the protagonist, they are more likely to stick with the book until the end. Students can focus on fiction, non-fiction, long chapter books, or short magazine articles just so long as they consistently practice and notice regular Improvement.

Want to improve your reading skills this summer? Our private Fullerton reading tutors are here to help.

Irvine Academic Tutor Tips: How to Beat Senioritis

Follow These Tips From an Irvine Academic Tutor to Beat Senioritis


During the last month of school, it’s tempting for seniors to feel like they’re already on vacation and forget about what’s going on in the classroom, including some very important issues that could potentially affect their future. Students who will be on scholarship need to maintain a certain GPA and students who have conditional college admissions letters (which is nearly everybody) need to keep those grades and test scores up in order to continue with their plans for this fall. Senioritis is normal and has been happening for generations but, it’s important for students to stay focused on these next couple of weeks and remember that school is still in session.

1. Maintain a regular after-school schedule

It’s essential for students to make their after-school study schedule a priority until they take their last final exam. That means coming home or going to the library and studying, as usual, continuing to meet with their tutor, and staying away from friends who are skipping homework to start summer early. Maintaining a regular schedule also includes taking a reasonable amount of breaks and having enough downtime for the brain to recharge in order to finish the school year strong. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed at this point in the year, and students are encouraged to make relaxation a priority in between study sessions (READ: 10 Reasons You Need an Irvine Summer Tutor).

2. Keep your eye on the prize

When seniors become tempted to ditch responsibility in favor of summer activities, it’s important to remind them of everything they have achieved in order to get to where they are today. This includes getting excited about attending college in the fall. Talking about academic programs and major fields of study might be overwhelming at this point, so it’s better to focus on the fun aspects of university life such as finding a student apartment, looking at social clubs and organizations to join, or focusing on social and entertainment activities that take place on campus. Students who remember the big picture are more likely to be able to stick with high school academics for these next couple of weeks.

3. Continue to work with your tutor

Part of avoiding senioritis includes maintaining regular sessions with a private tutor. Students should continue to work with their tutor in order to stay organized through the end of the year and also focus on final exams as well as any final projects that are due the very last week of school. Working with a one-on-one tutor on a regular basis forces students to stay on track and be held accountable for assignments they haven’t yet completed (READ: Tips From an Irvine Tutor: 5 Last-Minute Tips to Ace Your Finals).

4. Make study social

Students who are tempted to socialize in lieu of completing homework assignments at this point in the year are encouraged to make their study time social in order to ensure academic success. There’s nothing wrong with working in a group just so long as each student is committed to doing well on final exams and completing any individual assignments. Students should consider working as part of a study group when focusing on subjects they generally do pretty well in and just need the motivation to stay focused or review. On the other hand, they might be better off studying solo or with their tutor when it comes to that one challenging topic they generally need extra help with.

Want to beat senioritis? Our private Irvine academic tutors are here to help you end your high school years on a high note. Call TutorNerds today to book your private Irvine tutor.

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Orange County SAT Tutor Tips: The Summer SAT

Tips From an Orange County SAT Tutor: 4 Ways to Study for the Summer SAT


Right now, most students are focused on last-minute study for advanced placement exams as well as final study for all of their courses. However, students who signed up for the summer sat will have to hit the ground running as soon as they complete the requirements of their classroom assignments. Although it can be a challenge for students to take the SAT exam over the summer, they’re saving themselves a lot of stress by getting it out of the way before fall. Additionally, students who take college entrance exams in the summer months will have the chance to avoid dealing with classroom work at the same time. The most important thing is that students can stay focused and remember that the results of their SAT can make a big difference when it comes time to apply for college – our experienced Orange County SAT tutors are here to help.

1. Identify strengths and weaknesses

The first thing students should do is identify which sections of the SAT they need to work on the most. One of the best ways to achieve this is by taking a practice test, which will give students an idea of how they scored in each section and how it adds up to an overall composite score. Students are encouraged to try to score the test themselves so they can see how the scoring system works and identify which problems they got wrong. They can then share the results of the exam with their Orange County SAT tutor who can help them identify patterns of strengths and weaknesses.

2. Time management

Test prep students are also encouraged to create a plan for the day they commence their SAT study and the actual date of the test. The ideal study plan will allow time for students to focus on areas of improvement as well as do a general review of the topics they usually excel at. They should also allow time for breaks, so they don’t get overwhelmed and also have a couple of extra study sessions in their schedule just in case something unexpected comes up (READ: TutorNerds Featured in Orange County Mom Blog).

3. A clear goal

Students should have a goal in mind before starting their SAT prep. They are encouraged to talk with their college counselor as well as do some independent research in regards to the average score for an admitted student at the colleges and universities they are interested in applying to. They can then compare this to the score they got on their first practice test. Once students know where they stand they can plan their study sessions around the number of points they want to increase to have a good chance of admittance.

4. Math practice

Whether a student is naturally talented with numbers or if they try to avoid math at all costs, the reality of the SAT requires a fair amount of math practice. The top things students should focus on include memorizing formulas, practicing multiple-step problems, checking their work for accuracy, and working under pressure. There is not an excessive amount of time on the big day so students should learn how to solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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