Tips From an Irvine AP Test Prep Tutor: AP Classes for Seniors: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Most college-bound seniors will take at least one, if not multiple, AP classes during their senior year in high school. However, it’s easy to let test prep and studying slip once students have received college acceptances. Some colleges will still take students who don’t receive the AP test score they were expecting while others may be denied a conditional acceptance.


Either way, it’s important that Advanced Placement seniors utilize tips and tricks for staying on task so that they can get a 4 or 5 on the test and receive college credit the next year. It would be a shame to have to take US History and English 101 all over again when a student has already taken these courses in high school. However, without at least a 3 on the AP exam, the class won’t count for college credit at all -make sure you book your Irvine AP test prep tutor today.

1.  Create a study timeline

AP exams are about three weeks away and, hopefully, students have already been studying for the last six weeks or so. High school seniors may be familiar with test prep techniques if they took AP classes sophomore and junior year, however, they still need to study content and work on general review at the very least. Because many seniors suffer from senioritis, it’s important to create a timeline of study to help stay on track to earning a good score on the AP exams mid May (READ: “Grades and AP Class”).

2. Work with your private Irvine test prep tutor

Students who feel that they are falling by the wayside with their AP studies are encouraged to get in touch with their tutor. It’s important to remember that tutors can serve more than one purpose. They can help with educational content and study but they can also serve as organizational consultants. If a student has lost touch with their Orange County private tutor over the past few months, speaking with him or her about organization, even for one or two hours, can help an otherwise smart and responsible student stay on track while suffering from the notorious effects of senioritis (READ: “3 Warning Signs of Senioritis”).

3. Talk with your classroom teacher

Classroom teachers are intimately familiar with the negative effects of senioritis. Teachers will know the signs and will know what can happen to students if they don’t stay on track through to AP exams. Most classroom teachers are more than happy to speak to students after class or briefly after school if they have questions. If a student is honest and upfront with their teacher that their studies are falling behind, the teacher can help them look at tried-and-true methods of continuing to effectively study for AP exams. Additionally, classroom teachers have likely worked with the same group of students off and on for the past two or three years. This means that they will be able to easily identify a particular student’s study habits and will likely already know their strengths and weaknesses. AP classroom teachers are fabulous resources for extra help but the majority of students forget that they are available. Remember, teachers are there to help students succeed.

4. Talk with mom and dad

Although many high school seniors want to be entirely independent from their parents at this point in their academic career, mom and dad are a great resource. They know their children’s study habits and what they are capable of academically. It’s a good idea to talk with mom and dad about how important current academic goals are as well as their current level of fatigue. Mom and dad can serve as an in-house organizational consultant 24/7. Although many students feel that they should be able to do everything on their own and be a superstar student, it’s essential to remember that parents have most likely been in a similar situation when they were 17 and that they can be a big help when it comes to staying on track, arranging for a tutor or study group, and helping their child complete the necessary study for AP exams (READ: “Tutoring and Test Scores: Assessing Improvement”).

In short

Although it’s very tempting to take a casual attitude towards AP exams during senior year of high school, taking an AP class will have been a waste if the student doesn’t score at least a 3 on the exam. Temptation aside, it’s much better to spend two months working on test prep now than two semesters retaking classes freshman year of college.

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