Tips From an Orange County English Tutor: Why Fantasy Novels are Important for Young Students

Today’s young student has a ton of choices when it comes to entertainment and many ways to explore their creative minds through fantasy and fiction. They can play countless video and computer games and explore a very visual and interactive world through these options. Unfortunately, many young learners are putting down fantasy novels and are starting to view reading as only a skill to scan for information or pass an exam. Although these skills are essential to success in the current academic climate, kids are missing out on the skills they develop when they read about dragons, unicorns, talking dolphins, and planets from far away. When young learners (of their choosing) read a fantasy novel, they can expand their imagination to encompass much more than what is right in front of them and develop creativity. Additionally, creative thinkers are often about to brainstorm for solutions to complicated problems as they get older, which is an invaluable skill – did you know we have private Orange County Reading Tutors?


1 – Imagination

Although non-fiction and informative reading are an important skill, kids who read fantasy novels on a regular basis are more likely to express and explore their imagination, which is an essential element to childhood. Kids who become engulfed in the wonderful world of their imagination are generally happier and more willing to learn about new things in the future.

2 – Problem Solving

When young learners use and develop their imagination, they become aware of the fact that there is more than one way to solve a problem. This will become an essential skill as they progress through elementary, middle, and high school. There will be so many academic and practical problems to solve and a fully refined imagination will be most helpful (READ: “Five Tips for Success in English Class”).

3 – Making reading fun

So many kids are entirely bored by the idea of reading because it can seem like a chore. If the only time young students read is in school, they will likely not pick up books for fun. However, when kids discover all of the interesting and exciting adventures found in fantasy novels, they tend to view reading as an enjoyable and recreational activity they can participate in both in and out of the classroom.

4 – Limiting electronics

Although electronics can keep kids busy and provide a good amount of educational activities these days, many children become more and more drawn to electronics and start to prefer that activity over reading or outside play. When young learners are encouraged to delve into a fantasy world found in a book (as opposed to a video game) they get to explore new worlds while improving reading comprehension at the same time.

5 – Character analysis

Many older students are struggling to analyze properly a character, which is an important skill for high school classes and college preparation. Non-fiction characters can be analyzed, but children often look up basic biographical information and move on. Alternately, when kids are trying to figure out the motivations and actions of a made-up character, they only have the book itself to help them understand what’s going on. Character analysis in a fantasy novel can help with essential skills for the future (AP Literature!).

6. General reading comprehension

When kids become engrossed in a world of intrigue found within the pages of fiction stories, they improve their reading comprehension in general. This is especially true if they get to choose their own book or character series they enjoy. Reading comprehension is one of the two core subjects and something that can be improved through practice (READ: “Tips From an Irvine English Tutor: The Value of Writing a Rough Draft”).

In short

Regardless of the reasons that a particular student will benefit from reading about fantasy and fiction, it’s a great way to increase learning and reading comprehension in general. Today’s avid young readers can easily develop into tomorrow’s A students and find creative solutions to life’s complicated issues as they reach adulthood.

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