Spring Semester of Senior Year: 5 Ways to Survive

Spring semester of senior year in high school is now underway. This can be a time of mixed emotions and huge life changes that can strongly affect a student’s ability to concentrate. Although it seems like high school is pretty much over, it’s important for students to be able to survive and thrive through this last term so they can keep their grades up and maintain stability. If seniors can look at a few of the common problems they may face, they’ll have a better idea of how to survive spring semester.


1. College letters

One of the things that will affect high school seniors the most this term is the arrival of college acceptance (and denial) letters. This will be a big issue for any student who applied to a college or university. Once students know their options for attendance, they will have the big decision of narrowing down their choice to just one school. Each student will have a different experience, and it’s important that they are able to maintain their concentration throughout the anticipation and decision-making process (READ: “Tips from a Fullerton tutor: how to overcome senioritis”).

2. Maintaining focus

One way students can maintain focus is to get a little bit of help with organization. This may come from any number of apps, their classroom teacher, a parent, tutor, or study group. It’s important that students think about both the small picture and the big one. Students will have any number of assignments, tests, and quizzes that they have to complete this week but they should also look at the remainder of the academic year as a whole and make sure they’re meeting all of their goals. Most seniors will be enrolled in an AP course, and will still have to maintain their focus so they can perform well on that exam in May (READ: “Best 5 math apps for high school students”).

3. Staying within a routine

Seniors are encouraged to stick to the routine that has been working for them up until now. Once students know they have been accepted into college, it can be easy to give into the temptations of senioritis and stop trying altogether. However, students who have a strong dip in GPA right at the end of their high school career may be denied the opportunity for scholarship-based financial aid or graduation honors. Additionally, seniors are encouraged to remember that their university acceptance is conditional; meaning that if their GPA changes significantly, the college may revoke their acceptance. Students can stay within their routine by continuing to meet with their tutor and study group, continuing to participate in any volunteer or after school clubs, and arranging for social time on the weekends.

4. Getting ready for next year

At this point, seniors shouldn’t look too far into the future when it comes to making specific plans because it may distract them from their current applications. However, there are a few things seniors need to look at sooner rather than later. Financial aid and scholarship applications will require immediate attention and students will need to make sure they have done everything required to enroll in their chosen university. Other than that, students are encouraged to make a checklist with due dates for everything they need to do during the summer so they can get started as soon as high school ends (READ: “4 differences between high school and college that may catch you by surprise”).

5. Spend quality time with friends and family

One of the most important things seniors can do is simply spend quality time with friends and family who they won’t see as much next year. Most college freshman will be making all new friends in a few months so it’s nice to enjoy current high school friendships so they can survive the distance of college life. Additionally, when students are off at college, they may miss their family more than they think. Spring semester is a great time to participate in social activities with family and friends before going off to the big adventure that is the university experience.

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