5 Things to do Over Spring Break Without any Hassle

Spring break is upon us, and most students would like to relax simply. Of course, they deserve some rest so they can push through until the end of June. However, high school students focusing on college prep may need to use some of this time to catch up on anything that they fell behind on or to get simply ahead. Finding that delicate balance between using free time wisely and having fun can be a challenge. However, there are a few things students can do over spring break without too much hassle.


1. Get started on AP test prep

In an ideal situation college prep, students will have already started studying for the AP exam that will take place in May. However, many of those same students have been overwhelmed with AP class assignments that began in September and never really stopped. Spring break is a great time to get started on AP test prep, which includes purchasing a test prep booklet and taking a full-length practice exam – it’s never too early to book your private Orange County AP tutor. If students in AP courses do just one thing during spring break, it should be to take a practice test. This takes up just a few hours of their spring break but will be very helpful in determining the depth and concentration of their study.

2. Focus on reading

Students in reading intensive courses may have fallen behind on their close readings and annotations. This tends to happen when students get overwhelmed with a number of other assignments they have to complete in addition to reading assignments. However, if this trend continues through the end of the year students’ grades start to slip. If a student knows they’re going to be reading three full-length novels for the remainder of the year, they may want to get a head start during spring break. Reading is a fun and stress-free activity when deadlines aren’t just around the corner.

3. Sign up for exams

Sophomores and juniors should consider signing up for any exams they want to take over the summer. Although it only takes a minute, many students forget to sign up for a particular exam and end up having to wait until a later date. With all of the pressure on college prep students these days it’s a good idea to take exams early on and have a chance to repeat them later if necessary. Spend five minutes on the computer signing up for those summer test dates.

4. Short-term volunteer commitments

Students may also want to sign up for a one-time volunteer commitment during spring break. Spending time helping within the community can add a lot to a high school student’s resume. Short-term volunteer commitments are readily available and can be completed in just one morning. This will help boost a student’s resume while still allowing them time to rest and relax during their break.

5. Refocus the study group

Study groups are an integral part of a high school student’s success plan. Students who work within a group will have the opportunity to learn from intelligent peers and help each other stay on task. Unfortunately, as the year progresses many study groups fall apart. This can happen because it’s difficult for everybody to meet at the same time or because they just lose motivation. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to refocus that study group. Meet at a coffee shop or library and think about days and times that work for everybody so that each member can continue to be academically successful through the end of the academic year (READ: “5 Things That Can Stop a Study Group from Being Successful”).

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