Tutor Tips: 4 Last Minute Things to do Before Going Back to School

Students of all ages are saying goodbye to their summer and heading back to school in a week or two. Some students look forward to starting a new school year while others hope for an endless summer. Either way, there are a few things students need to do ASAP if they want to be successful and have a smooth transition to the school year.


1. Complete any summer homework

Regardless of age group, nearly every student will have summer homework but not every student will complete it within the next couple of weeks. Students who don’t turn in their summer homework on the first day of class will discover they’re often behind, which can become a bad trend for the entire year. Elementary school students are sure to have a reading list and a book report or two while high school students have AP (advanced placement) homework to complete prior to the first day of class.

Some teachers are informal about summer homework while others hand out a quiz or exam on the first day. The concepts covered in summer assignments help students understand material that will be covered later in the year and students who don’t complete their summer review won’t have a chance to do it within the first couple weeks of class, as was common in past years.

2. Sign up for fall exams

Students who will be taking the SAT or ACT in September or October need to sign up for these exams right now. As soon as school starts, students can easily forget about important exam dates and find they don’t have a spot in the testing room. This will be especially crucial for high school seniors who have a short time to make their final attempt at these important standardized tests. In addition to signing up for exams, students are encouraged to work or review with their test prep tutor in order to prepare for these exams before they get overwhelmed with regular coursework (READ: “5 Awesome SAT Apps”).

3. Get set up on the school’s website and social media platforms

Nearly every school has a website where students and parents can interface with teachers and some schools now have their social media platform where students and members of the PTA can connect on a more informal level. Students who sign up on these platforms after the start of school often discover they are late to the game when it comes to volunteer and extracurricular activities, which could afford them the opportunity to make new friends and receive community service credits.

4. Reconnect with your private Orange County tutor or study group

Many students will have lost touch with their tutor or study group during the summer but may find they need help sooner than they think due to the new accelerated academic year. It’s a good idea to meet with the study group at a coffee shop to discuss any courses that each member signed up for and get geared up for the rigorous academic activities that will follow within the next couple of weeks. Additionally, students should check with their tutor and find out what schedule they would like to have and how much help they think they will need as they progress through fall term (READ: “5 Ways to Make the Best Out of Online Study Materials”).

5. Enjoy one last relaxing week

Most students will hit the ground running this year and endure more rigorous testing in the spring. As a result, it’s important for students of all grade levels to take one last breath of fresh air and enjoy the last couple weeks of summer before they commit themselves to another 10 months of academic activities. Whether a student is 5 or 15, they still need time to themselves to rest and recharge before the first day of school.

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