Tips from an Irvine AP Tutor: 4 AP Test Prep Online Tools

AP exams are just around the corner and students who have been working hard all year want to ensure the score of 3 or higher so they can get college credit for all that hard work. However, prepping for advanced placement exams is easier said than done. Students are also coping with finals and working on their AP in-class projects simultaneously. As a result, AP students will need to fit in their test prep in any spare moment so why not take some help from some excellent and innovative AP test prep apps that can help students stay on track and give them the best chance of success this May.

4 AP Test Prep Online Tools

1. AP Exam Prep – Psychology, U.S. History and more Questions to Know by Test Day

Most teachers and tutors will agree that what students really need is a lot of practice. Multiple choice questions are hard enough to master when it comes to a subject students are really familiar with, but what if their AP class has been especially difficult? In comes AP Exam Prep By gWhiz, LLC. The starter app has up to 50 questions for several different subjects as well as in-app purchases that give students extra practice that cost between $6.99 and $9.99. This app is a lot more expensive than many when it comes in app purchases, however that extra practice can be well worth it and test prep booklets are usually more expensive. This can work for students taking just one AP class or multiple AP classes at the same time.

2. AP Exam Prep LITE Series
By K12 Inc.

This series offers a free version of their app on several subjects. Students can work on free response or multiple choice questions. Students can also flag topics or issues that they are consistently getting wrong and come back to them later in the quick review. If a student needs to write an essay they can either write the essay in full or work in plan mode where they can simply practice creating an outline for their essay. Whether a student is working on world history, US history, calculus, or English, this series can help them get closer to the score they need through additional practice and organization. They also have a flash card series where students can work on memorization (READ: “SAT and AP Exam Survival Guide”).

3. No Fear Shakespeare

Students studying AP English language and literature are probably struggling to figure out what’s going on in the various plays by Shakespeare. These students aren’t alone, and a plain language version can make or break a student’s ability to analyze a work of The Bard. SparkNotes offers a great online study tool called No Fear Shakespeare where students can get a plain language version some of the most popular works of Shakespeare himself. Once everything is written in Modern English, it tends to make a lot more sense.

4. The college board practice questions

One of the best online tools students can use is the College Board website. They are the makers of the test after all so why not get some practice straight from them. The College Board website has several practice questions as well as essay prompts and free response questions along with scoring guidelines and sample answers. These free materials are an excellent resource for any student studying any AP subject. Students are encouraged to utilize all of the materials on the College Board website to determine where their strengths and weaknesses lie while they’re studying for the exam (READ: “AP Test without the class?”).

Regardless of what online study materials students use or how much they pay for them it’s important to study for AP exams prior to taking them. The actual classroom course will prepare students in many ways but getting extra help outside of the classroom can help ensure a score of 3 or higher. The smartest way to prepare for your AP exams is with Irvine AP tutoring from TutorNerds. Call us today for more information.

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