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Los Angeles Tutoring Service

2029 Century Park East, Suite 1408
Los Angeles, CA 90067
United States
Phone: 949-510-9361
Email: info@tutornerds.com

TutorNerds offers high caliber in-home Los Angeles tutoring to students who need help in achieving their academic goals in Los Angeles, CA.

No matter whether you’re searching for a math tutor or a history tutor or even SAT tutoring, TutorNerds can provide talented and experienced tutors for your student to learn from no matter what the curriculum!

Our students in the Los Angeles area for instance, vary individually in learning styles, so as an experienced tutoring company we specialize in bringing a personalized approach to academic assistance. Indeed we confidently state that we are less-so tutors, in the typical sense, and more-so educators.

Every TutorNerds educator and consultant in Los Angeles has professional experience in education or admissions. With a variety of tutors to match our variety of students, we not only help students with their material like math tutoring, English tutoring and even SAT tutoring, but we teach them how to learn.

For those in  Los Angeles looking for long-term improvement, we offer a variety of affordable packages. These packages can be tailored based on time constraints, such as the length of the school year, the intensity of the class, with more sessions per week, or the total amount of sessions needed. We also bundle our services for students seeking assistance in more than one area, for instance if you have a small group of students all needing math tutoring, we can provide that as well!

We would be delighted to provide you with options—please call us with any questions.

Many students enjoy learning with friends in their classes. And some parents prefer the convenience and savings of group sessions. We have packages that include group rates and scheduling as well.

Our Los Angeles Tutors Go Above and Beyond

Our educators teach our Los Angeles students to take the information and apply it further, even beyond the scope of the class. We live and breathe the success of our students and we simply produce results!

TutorNerds offers students throughout Santa Monica and the westside of Los Angeles the personalized in-home math tutoring they need to reach their highest success in the 2014-15 year. With the most educated and experienced tutors and teachers in Los Angeles, we guarantee a great match and effective learning plan or your money-back.

Why is our tutoring your best option for your student?

For any age, grade, class, or exam, TutorNerds can provide an experienced tutoring professional at your convenience.  Need tutoring for Calculus, help with your AP English essay, and test preparation for the SAT or ACT?  No Problem! No matter the curriculum, our tutors can help make it easier.

Even the most successful tutoring companies in Los Angeles do not take into account that their students vary individually in their learning styles. TutorNerds, on the other hand, specializes in bringing a personalized approach to academic tutoring.  Indeed, we confidently state that we are less-so “just tutors,” and more-so educators.

At minimum, every TutorNerds educator and consultant boasts a 4-year degree from a major university and professional experience in education even prior to working with us. But most of our staff have gone further to earn teaching credentials, master’s degrees, or PhD’s. Our thorough hiring process weeds out the typical homework-helper to provide our students in Santa Monica and Los Angeles with variety of pleasant, professional tutors .

Our Los Angeles tutoring services are the highest-quality you will find. Don’t risk it by hiring a tutor off of Craigslist where you don’t really know if they have the education they claim to have. All of our tutors are highly vetted. We only hire the best.

All of our services occur at your scheduling convenience.  We are happy to help you for just one exam, or for the entire term.  For long-term tutoring needs, we offer affordable package options that accommodate frequent sessions.  And since some students would prefer working with their friends, we offer group rates that make sessions even more affordable. Are all of your friends struggling in the same math class?  We can help all of you learn the material better!

Plus, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you get started.  You’ll love your tutor or you don’t pay!  You have nothing to lose except the stress of a challenging course.  Don’t believe us?  Well, lots of parents and students in Los Angeles have rated us highly on Yelp and Google.

We are available seven days a week to answer any questions and start your tutoring the same day.  Have questions?  Let us answer them  – call us right now.