5 Reasons to Take a Community College Class Over the Summer


Many students enroll in community college to get an AA or AS degree before moving on to a four-year institution. Alternatively, many students start their college education at a four-year university working towards a Bachelors degree from the beginning. Students from both institutions have the opportunity to take a class over the summer at their local community college. Students already enrolled in a local community college will be able to get a class out of the way and work towards graduation while students attending a four-year institution in the same state may be able to use community college credits as elective units towards their degree – our private Los Angeles college tutors are here to help you make the most of your summer.

1.  More attention from the instructor

Summer courses tend to offer a smaller class size and more attention from an instructor. When educators have 50+ students in their classes they don’t have a lot of time to give to each individual student but, summer classes often mean class sizes of 15 to 20 students where the instructor can get to know each and every participant and give them the individual attention they need to be successful. Students who are tired of the giant lecture halls they’ve attended during the year will probably love these more intimate summer courses where they can actually interact in a small group setting.

2.  Eight-week courses

Many community colleges offer eight week courses during the summer as opposed to the 16 to 20 week classes offered during the year. This means that ambitious students can get a course started and finished in about half the time they would spend during the year. It also means that they need to be diligent about finishing homework assignments and projects but, most students will only take one or two classes during summer term so the workload is not unreasonable. Whether a student is taking a core class or an elective, it’s nice to accomplish something important in such a short time (San Diego Tutoring Tips: 5 Ways to Help Your Kids Finish Their Homework on Time) .

3.  Explore elective courses

Summer term also offers a great opportunity to explore an elective class that might not be available during the year. When students are bogged down with core subjects or studying day and night working towards their major, they often don’t get a chance to really enjoy some of the general education classes available to them. Perhaps a student always wanted to throw pottery, practice yoga, or learn about interior design. Many of these elective courses count towards graduation and can also be a fun opportunity to learn something new and socialize with like-minded people.

4.  Graduate on time or early

It seems like, these days, students are struggling to graduate on time whether they are studying at a two or four year college. Many classes are impacted, meaning there are more students who want to take the course than seats available, and students often have trouble even filling their schedule with any four classes that count towards graduation. On the other hand, most students go home during the summer and focus on relaxation or work at their part-time job. This leaves an open opportunity for willing students to take a class or two over the summer that will ensure their graduation on time or even early.

5.  Enjoy a more relaxed academic environment

Summer classes tend to offer a more relaxed academic environment. This is especially true for four-year university students who choose to take a community college class near their home in person or online. Whether a student is at a two or four-year college, they should check ahead of time that the class they want to sign up for will count towards their graduation. Once a student has done their fact checking, they can enjoy a more calm and engaging environment throughout the summer term.

Whether you didn’t do as well as you’d like this past semester or just want to get a head start on next year, our in-home Los Angeles college tutors are here to help. Call us today for more information.

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