Why You Should Get a Test Prep Tutor Over the Summer


Summer is the perfect opportunity just to kick back, relax, and enjoy some time away from the classroom. However, students entering their college prep years may want to think about spending some of that time working on SAT or ACT prep with a private tutor. It can be overly complicated to worry about college visits and applications, test prep, advanced placement classes and so on during the school year so why not get some of that out of the way in July and August. There are lots of different ways students can work on test prep but working with a private tutor allows them to focus in on the issues they have and only the issues they have so they don’t spend time reviewing subjects they already know.

1. Less time more concentration

Students who work with a private test prep tutor over the summer will find that they don’t need as many hours to reach their goals are if they were in a larger classroom environment. The advantage of having a one-on-one tutor is that the tutor can assess the student’s personal needs based on a practice test and their college goals. Once this is completed the student and tutor can work together to improve the areas they have a weakness in and simply review all other areas. This can save a lot of time and frustration and allow the student to enjoy the majority of their summer (READ: 5 Awesome SAT Apps).

2. The comfort of your own home

The nice thing about having a private tutor is that they can work with a student in the privacy and comfort of the student’s home. This can allow students to enjoy a summer fun schedule while fitting in test prep sessions. There’s no reason why students shouldn’t be able to participate in summer sports, family field trips, vacations and so on while still working on their college goals.  Additionally, many students feel more comfortable building a rapport with a tutor who can answer questions privately instead of in front of a class.

3. Focusing on one thing at a time

Preparing for advanced placement classes and general academic obligations can become extremely stressful. Working with a private test prep tutor over the summer can help reduce the amount of responsibility the student has during the school year. During the summer, students can focus on one thing at a time starting with a basic assessment and then moving on to math, English, and essays. This provides a lower pressure environment that can help high school students succeed while keeping mental stress as low as possible.

4. Working towards college admissions

Working with a private test prep tutor over the summer can help students work towards their college admissions goals. A student who wait until the last minute often finds that there were one or two crucial things they forgot about. When this happens, they may end up not being able to apply to their dream colleges or may find they spend their senior year scrambling to get everything done on time. When students start early, they have a chance to work towards college admissions and improve their ACT and SAT scores, so they have a great chance when they send out their applications (READ: Switching schools? 5 Things to do this summer).

5. Extra time and multiple opportunities

Working with a private tutor over the summer also allows students to have extra time to study for the test and gives them multiple opportunities to take it. If students start the summer before their junior year, they will be able to take the real test in the fall and see how they do. If they have not quite reached the score, they want they still have several months to improve. Students who leave extra time to work on test prep tend to have more realistic goals and are more likely to reach them.

It’s never too early to start prepping for a major test. From the SAT to the ACT, TutorNerds offers summer test prep tutoring for all major tests. Call us today for more information.

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