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It is prevalent for students and parents to seek out experienced private Anaheim tutors for important standardized tests like the SAT and ACT.  These exams have a significant effect on a student’s college admissions and scholarship opportunities, so it makes sense that extra, professional help is sought.

However, one group of tests that is often overlooked is the SAT Subject Tests (also known as the SAT II).  There are a few reasons for this: fewer people know about these tests, few students take them, and fewer colleges require them.  So, the students who do take them usually take them late, with minimum preparation, and without tutoring – even if they had a tutor for the regular SAT.

This is a problem for students who do take the subject tests.  The subject tests are usually only required or recommended by higher tier schools.  As such, they are scored and reviewed much more competitively than your typical standardized tests.  And, what constitutes a “good” grade on the subject tests is very different than the regular SAT.  You need to have a much higher score on a subject test to be in a high percentile of test-takers.

To put it in perspective, nearly 15% of students score a perfect 800 on the Math II subject test.  On the SAT, fewer than 1% of students score an 800 on the math section.  While the average score for sections of the SAT is usually around 500 each year, averages for subject tests are usually closer to 600-650.

The subject test can be a game changer for students looking to get into top tier schools or looking to impress schools for better admissions chances or scholarship opportunities.  If you are going to take the SAT II, then you should be prepared to take it.

The good news is that a private Anaheim tutor is likely even more effective at improving your SAT Subject Test scores than your regular SAT or ACT scores.  This is because the material on the subject tests are less abstract and more concentrated and specific in the material they cover.  There is usually a ceiling that students hit on their SAT scores based on their potential, and more tutoring and studying usually cannot significantly improve on this top score if the student has already been practicing for a long time.  However, the subject tests have more specific knowledge and facts that are tested.  These facts and knowledge can be consistently and improved and practiced until the student is scoring very well on the tests.

So, the Subject Tests usually see better score improvements after consistent, dedicated lessons with an experienced tutor than we see with the SAT and ACT.  They are also more competitive, and getting a higher score is even more important to stand out for students who are taking them.  However, even students who worked with a tutor for the SAT tend to overlook tutoring for the SAT II.  If you are taking the subject tests, make sure that you are giving them the time and effort needed to achieve your best scores.

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Michael C. is currently a private math, science, and standardized test tutor with TutorNerds in Irvine and Anaheim.

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