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SAT® Subject Tests

SAT Subject Test Tutoring

The College Board offers, in addition to the PSAT and standard SAT Reasoning, several individual SAT Subject tests. These exams assess detailed understanding of high school subjects, such as English, Biology, and US History. These tests are fairly similar to the AP exam, though generally not considered as challenging.  Another difference is that SAT Subject tests do not usually feature separate written sections; rather, most exams are entirely multiple-choice formatted. Many colleges require that applicants take 2-3 SAT subject exams along with either the SAT or the ACT.  Schools that do not explicitly require this still recommend it very highly anyway (which practically means: you need to take them). As you can see, no matter what, you should be taking at least a few SAT subject tests.


Unlike the SAT Reasoning test, SAT Subject tests allow you to choose which exams to take in order to showcase your individual achievement and understanding. Often science and engineering programs will specifically require that applicants take the Math II, Physics, and/or Chemistry tests. An academic tradition is for honors-level students to take SAT subject exams for their corresponding courses, while AP-level students take both AP and SAT Subject exams for theirs.  However, any student may register for SAT Subject tests, and considering you can choose which scores to send to institutions, there’s very little reason to not take some.


To be certain, SAT Subject tests require just as much preparation as AP exams or the standard SAT. And preparing for an AP exam does not equate to preparation for the corresponding SAT Subject test. The material tested on SAT subject tests is not identical to that tested by AP’s, which is why many students invest in separate preparation methods, at the very least utilizing separate AP exam and SAT Subject test preparation books. Well unlike AP exams, there are no SAT Subject test equivalent academic classes in school.


Considering the sheer volume of material, particularly in combination with everyday classwork and potential AP and SAT/ACT preparation, you probably have little time to spare. Private Test Prep. with TutorNerds is an ideal choice for students who want to master any SAT Subject test and actually enjoy the process of doing so. It’s no secret that sitting with a typical test prep book is boring and ineffective. And parents should be aware of this fact of test prep: the least effective test preparation method is the one that never occurs because your student can’t stand it.


TutorNerds test preparation is provides private, in-home convenience combined with personalized learning plans tailored to your learning style and scheduling preferences.

And we only partner you with tutors whose specialty is the subject area in which you are being tested. Take all of the stress out of your studying, and let an expert organize your path to a success for you.  Whether you’re seeking help over the course of the year, or just a quick boost here and there, we are happy to provide you with the highest quality, most personalized SAT Subject test tutoring and exam prep available.


A few SAT Subject tests we tutor are:

  • Biology E/M

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Math (Levels I and II)

  • Literature

  • Spanish

  • US, European, and World Histories

  • and more

If you don’t see your course listed above, we probably tutor it!  Call us now to ensure SAT Subject exam success.

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