Tips From an Irvine Summer Tutor: 5 reasons to work on STEAM this summer


Science, technology, engineering, art, and math make up the acronym STEAM. It’s so important for kids to have the opportunity to learn about a lot of different subjects so they can discover talents, improve weaknesses, develop new interests, and eventually choose a career field. Whether a student is looking forward to starting the 2nd grade or 12th grade, they’re well advised to work on at least one of the elements of STEAM this summer – our experienced Irvine summer tutors are here to help you with all of your STEAM courses.

1.  Advocate for curiosity

When kids learn about subjects such as technology and engineering they’re given the opportunity to expand their curiosity and discover state-of-the-art elements of their education. Technology offers new and exciting things to learn about every single year. In fact, what was cutting edge two years ago might be obsolete today, so students are encouraged not only to learn about current technology but develop a general curiosity for each new element of the field. When kids know how to adjust to new technologies they will stay cutting edge and be able to compete with peers once they enter the workforce.

2.  Work as a team

When kids complete an art project together or create a feat of engineering as a group, they learn how to work as a team, a skill that will help them through every step of their education and career. There are so many things students can complete when each member of the group play’s to their strengths. In fact, many students will learn that there are more doors open to them when they’re able to collaborate and communicate efficiently (READ: Costa Mesa Tutoring Tips: Improve Study Skills Over the Summer).

3.  Develop potential career interests

Although younger students will still be exploring all the different subjects that make up their general education, students nearing the end of high school will be interested in discovering potential career possibilities. Doing a summer program or camp based on the various elements of STEAM encourages students to think about what they might want to do for the majority of their adult life. Students who know their strengths and weaknesses are more likely to make a savvy choice when it comes to declaring a major in college.

4.  Receive a well-rounded education

STEAM summer programs can also help students receive a well-rounded education. Once you add in English, communication skills, music, philosophy, etc… students will be receiving a truly well-rounded education that’ll help them explore the world, solve problems, make a career choice, and be creative. Summer is an excellent time to supplement any part of a student’s education that might be limited during the year. For example, some students are exposed to the arts on a regular basis as part of their standard school program where as others may only get to complete an art project once a month or less.

5.  Be creative

Whether students are studying science, technology, engineering, art, or math, they have a chance to be creative in the field they love the most. Art classes offer the most obvious avenue towards creativity, but each element of STEAM offers a unique opportunity for students to be creative and enjoy projects they might not have time to complete during the school year. Students can paint, draw, or sculpt in an art class or they might learn how to build an innovative machine in an engineering program. They might have learned how to solve complex math problems, learn how to code, or create a science experiment that encourages them to go out in nature and collect their very own samples. Creativity is an essential element of a good education and allows students to not only do well in specific subjects but learn how to deal with general issues that come up in both education and career. Creative people tend to be more successful and learn how to deal with problems while maintaining a positive attitude when faced with any number of issues from kindergarten through college.

Our SoCal private summer tutoring will get you caught up and ahead on all your STEAM courses all while allowing students time to have fun. Call TutorNerds today for more information.

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