5 reasons to hire a one-on-one San Diego ACT tutor this summer

Summer is the ideal time to work on ACT prep because most students don’t have a ton of other responsibilities to deal with at this point in the year. However, once they go back to school at the end of August they’ll have to deal with core subjects, college applications, and any other responsibilities that come up. When students work with an individual who can help them assess their strengths and weaknesses in the comfort of their own home they’re more likely to improve quickly and learn how to prep officially for this important exam – it’s never too early to book your private San Diego ACT tutor this summer.

1. Improve college admissions options

One of the most straightforward reasons to participate in test prep this summer is to improve the overall chances of receiving an offer to attend a college or university. Some students take the ACT without prepping first and often find they want to take the exam a second time in hopes of improvement. Whether students take the test one time or several, working one-on-one can definitely improve a student’s chances of getting their best score and having more college options.

2. Enjoy a more relaxed school year

Students who get their test prep done during the summer will also enjoy a more relaxed environment during the school year. They have enough on their plate as it is, so eliminating one important task will make it easier to concentrate on regular classroom assignments. It’s so important for students to maintain a basic work/life balance so they can do well, be successful but also enjoy this transitional time of life.

3. Target specific areas that need improvement

A one-on-one test prep tutor can also help students target specific areas they need to work on. Students who work alone are likely to study all aspects of the test equally, resulting in an uneven distribution of effort. Students need to really focus on areas that need improvement but may need to simply review areas they score highly on. The best way for students to figure this out is to take a full length practice exam and share the results with their tutor during the first session.

4. Receive one-on-one attention

During the summer students also have the time to get the individual attention they need to reach their college goals. San Diego private ACT Tutors can make an individualized plan for each student and set them on a path to success. One student might need to concentrate 80% on their essay and only 20% on other aspects of the exam. The next student might need to concentrate 60% on a math review and 40% on organization and study skills. That’s the great thing about getting specialized attention during a time of year when students can concentrate fully on one important task.

5. Get a realistic idea of opportunities

Students who spend a fair amount of time on test prep also get a realistic idea of what college opportunities lie ahead. They will start out by getting a base score which will tell them how much effort they need to put in to apply to both ‘target’ and ‘reach’ schools. Their tutor can help them or look at the scores necessary to achieve college admissions to particular schools or they can work in conjunction with a college counselor to help a student develop an overall plan. Some students’ college admissions process will be relatively simple and straightforward while other students may have a complicated situation that will take several months to resolve. Either way, students who work on test prep early have a better chance of maintaining a work/life balance and also successfully applying to the colleges of their choice.

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