4 things students should do after sending in college applications

Most college applications are due either November 1 or December 1, depending on the particular university. After that point, students will wait until the spring to find out where they have been accepted. It can feel like one of the most extended periods of time in a student’s life, but there are lots of things they can do to keep their minds occupied while waiting for college acceptance letters. Whether students are focusing on keeping their GPA high or looking for scholarship opportunities, there are tons of things students can do that will make their life easier once they’re in college – get into your dream school with the help of a private San Diego college admissions consultant from TutorNerds.

1. Financial aid

Many students will rely on financial aid to help them pay their way through college. There are several different types of financial aid including FAFSA and countless other private financial aid opportunities including need-based scholarships. Because these forms take a long time to fill out and because many students can only attend college if they receive some assistance, it’s important they know what their financial situation will be before choosing a specific college or university.

2. Merit-based scholarships

In addition to need-based financial aid, students should apply for as many merit scholarships as possible. There are many scholarships available ranging from $250 to several thousand dollars, any of which can make a college student’s life easier. A smaller scholarship might help pay for books or allow students to take off from work during finals week while larger scholarships might pay for an entire year’s tuition. Once college applications have been sent out, students should make a list of any and all merit scholarships they are eligible for and start writing essays or personal statements they will need to apply (READ: 4 Things You Can do to Keep Your Grades High Over the Holidays).

3. Focus on AP courses

It’s easier for students to let their AP courses fall by the wayside when they are busy filling out college applications. However, that means they might be a little behind once they get back from holiday break. It’s essential for students to make sure they are 100% on track when it comes to their AP courses so they can achieve a score of 3 or higher when they take the exams in May. Students with lots of AP courses under their belt may be able to skip some classes at the college level, which can ultimately help them graduate on time or early and also allow them to choose elective courses that they are more excited about.

4. College visits

Because the majority of students apply to 10 or more colleges these days, they may not have a chance to visit every campus before the application deadline. However, if students have an opportunity to visit the campus once their college applications have been sent out they’ll have a better idea of the choices they will have in front of them once acceptance letters come in the mail. Some college campuses are huge and are located right in the middle of a major city, some are very small and surrounded by rural towns, while others still have a suburban location. Students need to know where they will be living and what sort of lifestyle they’ll have once they are out on their own.

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