College Tours 101: Top 5 Universities For Engineering

Many students are going on college tours this winter to think about where they want to spend the four years of their post-secondary education. Although many students remain undecided as to what field they’re interested in, other students know upfront where their strengths and desires lie. One of the most coveted majors is engineering. Engineering is a growing field with many job opportunities for students throughout the world. With the advent of STEM programs in secondary schools, many students already know that engineering is the right choice for them. So, what are the best universities to look at in the United States for students who wish to major in engineering?


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT has been famous for its engineering department for years and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT is also notoriously difficult to get into with only 10% of applicants admitted. Accepted students have near perfect SAT scores – our Orange County SAT tutors are here to help. ACT scores in the math section should be close to 36 and the English section should be above 32. MIT boasts an excellent 8:1 student to faculty ratio. However, students should expect to pay a pretty penny to attend MIT with tuition hovering around $55,000 annually for out of state applicants.

2. University of California at Berkeley

Berkeley also has a fabulous engineering department and is an in-state school for students located here in Southern California. However, out of state students should expect to pay around $55,000 annually for tuition and other expenses. Berkeley is located in the beautiful Bay Area and offers an excellent faculty and good student to teacher ratios. In exchange for the high quality of education, applicants should have near perfect SAT and ACT scores (around 2100 for the SAT and 32 for the ACT).

3. California Institute of Technology

Cal Tech makes the top of the list for engineering programs in the United States but it’s extremely hard to get into. Cal Tech will expect near-perfect SAT an ACT scores but will, in exchange, offer superior science and engineering research departments and the bragging rights to 31 Nobel laureates among its past and current faculty and alumni. Students who wish to be the best of the best in the engineering field should consider Cal Tech as one of their top choices (READ: “ACT Study Timeline: 7 Steps to Success”).

4. Princeton University

Princeton University is a world famous school known for many subjects including Engineering. Princeton has been around since 1746, making it one of the oldest private Ivy League schools in the US. Applications should expect to have near perfect SAT and ACT scores to be considered for entry. In exchange for superior college prep, applicants who are accepted can expect an excellent faculty and student to teacher ratio. In addition, Princeton can boast 30 Nobel laureates amongst past faculty and alumni.

5. Georgia Institute of Technology

California students who would like to remain in a warm climate but see a different part of the United States should take a close look at Georgia Tech. The Georgia Institute of Technology has a good student to teacher ratio and is highly ranked in the subjects of Engineering and Technology. It’s also located in the heart of Atlanta, providing students with a diverse urban environment with plenty of employment and entertainment opportunities. Applicants should also expect to have high SAT and ACT scores in order to be considered for admission.

In Short

Although the majority of larger universities offer engineering and technology departments, students are encouraged to take a look at some of these top-ranking universities on their college tours this year. Engineering and Technology are ever-growing fields and offer excellent career and income opportunities for students whose intelligence leans towards the left brain hemisphere (READ: “The Top 4 Things to Ask on Your College Tour”).

Enjoy your college tours!

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