Post Finals Burnout: How to Cope

Students worked very hard the last couple of weeks in order to ace those final exams. Of course, students need a well-deserved break in order to recover from the massive amount of study and test prep they participated in at the end of his term. Unfortunately, teachers are under strict orders to continue with the curriculum and fill instructional minutes. So how can students cope with post finals burn out?


1. Have a Relaxing Weekend

Because students probably spent the majority of the last 2 or 3 weekends studying, it’s important that they have a little bit of time to relax and see their friends now that their intense study sessions have ceased. It’s also important to have plenty of time to sleep or just relax and participate in leisure activities. Students participating in long term community service may consider finding out if they can take a temporary break so that their brains and bodies can recover from finals (Read: “Superfoods and Testing”).

2. Use a Study Aid App

Because many students minds are entirely burnt out after finals, using a great study aid app is a good way to stay on track. Students who use these apps will have an opportunity to keep track of how many hours they are spending on study, which subjects are a priority, and how much time they have until the next big assignment is due. Students who work with tutors or in a study group are advised to check upcoming deadlines and responsibilities so that they can help each other stay organized (READ: “Tips From An Irvine English Tutor: eNotes“).

3.  Get Some Exercise

Many students spend countless hours sitting at the library, at a coffee shop, and at their computer desks in the weeks leading up to finals. Now that students have a little bit of free time, it’s important that they have a chance to get out and get some exercise. California in January is an absolutely beautiful place and a great opportunity for students to clear their minds of post finals burnout.

4. Work with a Tutor

Students who work with a private tutor on a regular basis are encouraged to maintain their sessions and get organized for upcoming assignments. Even though finals are over, the academic wheels keep spinning and it’s important for students not to fall behind due to mental fatigue. Tutors don’t have to take finals and so they’re generally not nearly as tired as their students, allowing them to carry on without undue fatigue.

5. Be Aware of Upcoming College Entrance Exams

Even though finals are done for now, many students will be taking the SAT and ACT in February. Students who choose to take these exams at this point in the year are advised that they really won’t have more than a day or two to take a mental break. Students should utilize after school time and/or weekends in order to make sure that they are 100% caught up with any studies that fell by the wayside while they were studying for finals. Weather in a class or working with a private tutor, it’s important for students to achieve their highest possible score in February so that, hopefully, they won’t have to take the test again in May or June.

In Short

Although many students are feeling incredibly tired at this point in the year, it’s important to take a short break and then re-prioritize study time. Juniors who are getting ready to go on college tours, take important standardized exams, and apply to college within the next few months should be especially mindful of the study to rest ratio.

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