Five tips From a Private Irvine Language Arts Tutor to Ace Your Language Arts Final

Final exams are just around the corner and students are anxiously studying in hopes of doing well on these important exams. Whether a student is in middle school or entering their college prep years, everyone will have to deal with an English & language arts final. They might be writing a final essay paper and handing in at the beginning of class, or they might be spending 45 minutes answering multiple choice questions. The format of the test may change, but the material pretty much stays the same and students will want to be well-versed in this core subject – finals are around the corner! Book your in-home Irvine language arts tutor today.

1.  Brush up on vocabulary

Most language arts finals have some sort of vocabulary element whether students are matching terms to definitions or just using new vocabulary words in an essay. Varied word choice is an important element of a well written essay so students should make sure they brush up on any vocabulary terms their teacher has given them throughout the semester. Students who are up to date on their vocabulary terms tend to do better in general so they can practice by reviewing flashcards or working with a study group to pool resources.

2.  Review novels from the entire semester

Middle and high school students read a lot of novels throughout their English courses but often forget what happened in a book from earlier in the term. Also, many students tend to skim through certain parts of the book or forget to read a chapter here and there because they’re pressed for time. However, before taking final exams it’s important for students to review any plot points and character development that occurred within all of the novels they were assigned throughout the year. When these important details are fresh in a student’s mind they’re more likely to be able to answer both multiple-choice and free response questions.

3. Refine those writing skills

Students should also brush up on their writing skills to make sure they’re able to communicate themselves in a clear and concise manner. Most English finals have a free response portion, requiring students to write a paragraph or two about a particular novel or character. The most common things students will see are compare and contrast questions and an argumentative thesis. If a student is doing a take-home essay in lieu of a final exam it’s extra important that they’re able to refine their writing skills so they can earn an excellent grade (READ: Five Tips for Success in English Class).

4. Review class notes and make flashcards

Every single student should be reviewing their class notes and making flashcards as a form of studying. Making flashcards is such a great way for students to organize their thoughts and determine which concepts they fully understand and which ones they need to review. Hopefully, students took great notes during class but, even if they didn’t they should go over the notes their teacher gave them in order to study efficiently.

5.  Review spelling and grammar

Lastly, students are encouraged to review proper spelling and grammar. Most students use a computer, complete with spell-check, to write most of their essays but, if they’re writing in class, they won’t have access to this kind of help. English teachers want to see if students can write using proper grammar and spelling all on their own, without the aid of the digital world. Spelling and grammar are also helpful tools for every other class because students who can communicate effectively do better overall.

Score high on your language arts final with the help of private Irvine English tutoring. Call us today for more information.

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