Tips From an Orange County Tutor: 5 Ways to Make Next Summer Better

High school and college students are probably thrilled to have some time off in the summer to do nothing at all. However, they’re all looking at their first week of school. Some students are prepared to go back to school and tackle new assignments while others are in a total panic. Also, some students may be entirely prepared academically but may also be starting the school year on an empty gas tank, so to speak. If this past summer wasn’t spent quite the right way, students are encouraged to look back at what worked and what didn’t so that next summer can be more successful. Below are five ways to make next summer better from a private Orange County tutor.


1 – Didn’t finish all those summer assignments?

Not finishing assignments is a fairly common problem for AP students and can lead to a rigorous and stressful school year. At this point, AP students will be spending several Saturdays catching up on lost summer study but there is still hope for next year. Although it’s easier said than done, Advanced Placement students are encouraged to take a week to rest and relax and then get those summer assignments out of the way early on. If there are any problems along the way, they will still have time to get help from a tutor or work over those assignments with their study group (READ: “5 Things That Might Surprise You About College”).

2 – Feel overly mentally fatigued?

This is also a common issue for college prep and university students alike. Although summer school and assignments are a necessary part of many students’ lives, it’s important to take a mental break. Students who find themselves in this position should consider taking some time off next summer to do something different. Light exercise, road trips, and time outdoors are all good ways to relax the brain and be prepared for the year ahead.

3 – Are you broke?

This is generally an issue for college students who will rely on their checkbooks to support their social and entertainment activities. The easiest way to fix this problem is to find a full-time job next summer. Some students will want to take summer school or an internship that takes up their time but others will spend a good portion of the summer on the couch. It’s a lot easier to focus on a full-time job during summer months than to run from class to a part time job every week of the school year.

4 – Feeling a lack of growth?

Some students may be spared from financial and academic issues but simply feel they haven’t grown as much as they would like. There are tons of activities a student can do over the summer to get that all around eye-opening experience they hoped their college years would provide. Next summer, consider studying abroad for a month and discover a whole new culture. Learn a new language abroad or at home. Volunteer for an organization that requires travel or experiences outside of the comfort zone of home. There are so many things that students can do, especially in college, in order to broaden their horizons (READ: “Tips From an Irvine English Tutor: 5 Tips to Help You be a Great Student Writer”).

5 – Didn’t get those exams out of the way?

Attempting to study for standardized exams during the school year can be tough considering all of the other assignments students already have on their plate. Although high school seniors don’t really have a choice but to trudge on, sophomores and juniors still have the option of taking tests multiple times. Students are encouraged to save themselves the trouble of starting from scratch when it comes to standardized exam prep and arrange to take a test prep course next summer. Whether it’s the SAT, ACT, or GRE, summer prep can be a life saver when the school year comes rolling around.

Now that school is officially back in full-swing, it’s important to stay not fall behind. Book your private Orange County tutor today!


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