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Summer is in full swing and kids are enjoying outdoor activities and summer camp. Focusing on numbers is probably one of the last things on younger students’ minds right now, but there are lots of great reasons for students to focus on math over the summer break. Kids don’t need to spend every single day working on facts and figures, but a little bit of review can make their academic lives a lot easier once school starts up again in the fall. Whether a student is in 2nd grade or preparing to take college entrance exams, math is something best learned one concept at a time and with plenty of concentration – our private Irvine math tutors are here to help you get ahead on your studies..

1.  General review

Some students are great at math but forget basic formulas and building blocks over the summer. Doing just a little bit of review here and there can help younger students remember everything they learned in the previous year so they can be successful in the fall. Some teachers have a luxury of doing review the first month of school, but others are required to delve right into new concepts, which can be frustrating for students who don’t remember the formulas they memorized last spring.

2. Concentrate on a challenging topic

Math is one of the core subjects, and something students will utilize in many future careers, but it’s also one of the most difficult subjects. Often, students will understand math in general but will get tripped up over one or two different topics within their math courses. This leaves kids at a disadvantage because they become frustrated and don’t develop the skills they need to move on to the next concept. Students can work with a one-on-one tutor over the summer to help them master difficult concepts, so they feel confident and positive about math and can be successful throughout the year (READ: 5 Signs You Need a Math Tutor in College).

3. College prep

The SAT and ACT exams are pretty demanding when it comes to math competency. Students will need to know how to calculate a ton of different formulas, choose the best answer, and differentiate between different concepts. To make it even, harder students will be doing all of this while the clock ticks towards the end of the test. One of the best ways to make college prep level math easier is to work on it over the summer when students have enough time to concentrate on just one or two subjects. This will not only make life easier in the fall, but it will also give students an opportunity to reach their college dreams.


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Students who have a chance to work on math over the summer also perform better in classes that utilize STEM skills. There are so many college and career opportunities in STEM, but students will need to understand math at an advanced level to be successful in this broader range of topics.

5. Personal-finance

One of the best things students can do before they go off to college is learning how to manage their own money. Although they won’t need advanced math skills while still a college student, they should know the basics of personal finance. Students need to know the cause-and-effect of taking out student loans, managing their credit, and balancing a budget without the benefit of a full-time salary. Students who know even the basics of money management will have a lot easier time on campus because they won’t be worrying about how to pay tuition or buy groceries, allowing them to focus 100% of their energy towards their education and future career.

From pre-algebra to statistics, our private Irvine math tutors are here to help you get ahead this summer. Call us today to learn more.

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