4 ways technology can make homework easier


There are so many tools available to students these days that can help make their study habits more efficient and help them get past the busy work quicker so they can concentrate on real learning. Digital tools also help students stay organized and on task when they have to juggle exam prep, homework assignments, and college applications. Technology can make learning a lot more comfortable for younger students as well even when it comes to the simplest of tasks. It’s a good idea for students to do some research to figure out which tools will work best for them and their individual learning needs but, there are few things that can help nearly every student – it’s not too early to book your private Irvine tutor for the new semester.

1. Storage and archiving

Many students store handwritten papers at the bottom of their backpack, desk, or study area never to be seen again. This can make a student’s life especially difficult when it comes time to study for midterms or finals or work on long-term homework assignments that require multiple drafts. Older students can type notes directly onto their tablet or laptop and save files instantly. This is excellent for students who are in the older grades and preparing for advanced placement classes or test prep. Younger students, who use pencil and paper for many tasks, might have difficulty transferring files unless they own expensive digital tools, but they can still make flashcards online or use voice text when they’re studying at home.

2. General organization

Digital tools can be extremely helpful when it comes to general organization, especially for students in high school. Whether they’re using a general program like Google Docs or a specialized program meant for a specific class, they’ll be able to find everything in one device. It’s important that students save documents by date or class and give each file a unique name that has to do with the assignment so they can easily find it later on.

3. Document sharing

Document sharing is one of the best tools available for today’s student. It’s often impossible for students to meet in person after school but they can easily work on group projects by sharing files online and allowing each member of the group to edit the group document. Students can also easily share with teachers, professors, or tutors to quickly and easily discuss potential assignments without having to get together in person (READ: Fullerton Tutoring Tips: Why Join an After-School Activity).

4. Supplemental education

Digital tools are also a fantastic way to support supplemental education. There are so many students these days who need the services of a one-on-one tutor to organize and understand all of the difficult assignments they are expected to conquer. This is especially true for students in 10th through 12th grade who have lots of extra academic tasks on their plate. Whether students are meeting with a tutor online in real-time, doing research together, or going over an especially difficult topic or assignment, digital tools make supplemental education so much easier than it was even five or ten years ago. Students can work with tutors for as little as half an hour, and neither person has to get in their car and drive across town to work on an assignment. Whether a student is just starting middle school or finishing up their last year of college, digital tools can make supplemental education as easy as ever.

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