Tips from a Private Irvine Test Prep Tutor: 5 Ways to Prep for the ACT

Some students will be coming back from break with acing the ACT in mind. There are plenty of great ways to study for the ACT, but consistency is the key to success. Students who sit down and work on test prep on a regular basis will have a much better chance of finding success on test day. Whether students are studying through an online program, with a private tutor, or in a study group it’s a good idea to get organized, set goals, and keep those study sessions consistent.


1. Work with a group

Sometimes working solo isn’t enough motivation to get started with intensive ACT practice. A great way to push through and be motivated is to work as part of a group. Students can get together with a few friends from school who have a similar level of motivation and are ready to start setting goals and meeting deadlines. Students who work as a group can also help each other with areas of the exam that seem more difficult than others. An ideal study group would consist of students who have strengths in different areas and can help each other out.

2. Get help from a private Irvine ACT tutor

One of the benefits of working with a private tutor is that the student will get undivided attention from an expert in the field. ACT tutors can help a student identify which area of the test needs the most improvement and help them reset their study habits to align with what is needed to reach their specific score goals. Tutors also help reinforce consistency and hold students accountable when it comes to completing homework and self-study. Some students will simply need a tutor to get them started while others will require long-term guidance leading up to the exam date (READ: “Cracking the ACT Science Section”).

3. Use online tools

Online tools can be very helpful when it comes to consistent study. Test prep students can now get guidance directly from the makers of the ACT and work on a strategic plan based on the student’s upcoming test date. ACT Online Prep offers students new learning content that goes over all sections of the test and has a full-length practice test to help students learn what it’s like to focus their concentration for an extended period o time. Additionally, students can take an abbreviated version of the test to get an idea of what their final score might be so they can direct their study in a certain direction. Students can check out these tools at:

4. Practice, practice, and more practice

The most important thing for students to do is simply practice and then practice some more. The sooner they get started with ACT prep the more time they will have to really get a feel for what they will need to improve. Although the more time students spend on preparation the better, even students who are studying somewhat last minute can still pick up some great tips to help improve their overall score. Students are encouraged to take a practice exam (or a shortened version thereof) once a month or so to track their progress. This way they can work with their group or their tutor to improve on any persistent weaknesses or difficult concepts (READ: “ACT tips from a private Irvine tutor”).

5. Identify strengths and weaknesses

Another really important thing for students to do is to identify any particular personal strengths or weakness they have. Each student is an individual learner and is encouraged to streamline their study sessions to meet these needs. Although students should review all concepts leading up to the exam date, they should spend the majority of their efforts on areas they need the most improvement in. Sometimes a student can identify these areas when taking an online practice exam and other times they will need the help of a tutor to access specific questions with which they struggle.

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