Tips from a Private Irvine English Tutor: 5 Tips for Last Minute Finals Study

Final exams are just around the corner, and students are probably starting to get nervous. Students in the 9th through 12th grades will want to make sure their semester grades look excellent for their college transcripts. It’s important for students to take final exams seriously, in fact their study should have started a couple of weeks ago, but there are a few last minute tips from an Irvine English tutor that can help anyone succeed even if they have been procrastinating for a while. Things like organization, efficient study, and carving out time in your busy schedule all lead to better study habits and potentially better grades on those all important exams.


1. Learn to study efficiently

One of the top reasons students fail to study everything they need to for final exams is they don’t yet know how to study efficiently. High school students are encouraged to make an outline for their study just as they would make an outline for an essay. For example, if a student sits down and goes through their study guide or notes they may discover they only need to study chapters 3, 6, & 9. However, if they didn’t take the time to make an outline they may end up reading the entire text book cover to cover, or at least attempting to, and waste a bunch of time. It’s always worth it to organize study time so that sessions can be as efficient as possible (READ: “7 Tips for Studying While Traveling”).

2. Meet with your teacher and private Irvine tutor

It’s essential that students meet with their teacher, tutor, or both. If students have been working with a tutor throughout the school year, it’s a good idea for them to sit down and get everything organized ahead of time. Additionally, they can help review those difficult concepts from earlier in the term. Students should also meet with their teacher and make sure they have a clear understanding of what will be on each exam. Nearly every teacher will take the time to sit down with a student and explain what is important and what isn’t, but they won’t necessarily volunteer that information unless the student makes the effort to start the discussion. Students who are self starters will have a better chance of doing well overall.

3. Organize each class

Students are encouraged to organize each class so they can allocate the correct amount of time to each study session. Perhaps their algebra final is only worth 5% of the class but their biology final is worth 25% of the class grade. Also, maybe they have gotten excellent grades and have an excellent understanding of material in their English class but are totally confused in their Spanish class. Organization is the key to success when it comes to finals study because students want to know how much time and effort should be put into each subject (READ: “10 Study Tips from an Irvine History Teacher”).

4. Make it a priority in your schedule

It’s really important that students make finals study the number one priority in their schedule this month. At this point in the year most students are tired and would rather be out with friends. However, just one or two weeks of intense study can make all the difference, especially for juniors and seniors who are in AP classes. Although an overall work-life balance is important for a healthy life, finals study should come first right now.

5. Pace yourself

It’s also important for high school students to pace themselves during their study sessions. First and foremost this means avoiding cramming if at all possible. Very rarely will a student be able to avoid their studies up until the night before and then spend 10 hours attempting to cram all that information into their brain at once. Students are encouraged to start early if they can, but use whatever time is left to study efficiently. Part of pacing oneself also means taking breaks including snack breaks, stretch breaks, and time away from the computer screen. It’s a good idea for students to take a five minute break every hour and make sure they are eating meals and snacks on time to ensure a successful study session.

It’s never too late to seek the help of a private Irvine academic tutor for finals. End the semester strong! Call us today for more details.

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