Irvine English Tutor Tips: 5 things that can ruin your study space

It’s important for all students to have a quiet place to study, and for most high school students that will mean a place in their home. School libraries generally shut down after hours and the public library can be hard to get to without personal transportation. Setting up a good study space in the home can be trickier than one might think because there are so many distractions that can take away from concentration. This can be especially important if a student is studying for a big exam and sitting for several hours at a time where distractions may become somewhat welcome – ask your private Irvine English tutor where he/she likes to study.


1. Noise

Students who have several people in the house at the same time may find there is a ton of noise. This can be an excellent way to ruin a study session. Younger siblings in the house can encourage a student to vacate the dining room table and work in the solitude of their bedroom. Earplugs can also be helpful when it comes to creating a quiet work space. It takes most people about 10 to 15 minutes to begin concentrating, every time they are interrupted by noise they lose about that amount of time in their studies (READ: “Online Study Tools for Students”).

2. Bad lighting

With the winter months in full swing, most students will be studying in the dark when they arrive home from their school day.  It’s really important that students have adequate lighting so they can see what they’re doing and reduce eye fatigue. Looking at a bright computer in a dark room can cause headaches and a distraction from the task at hand. It’s recommended that students have a wall or standing light as well as a desk lamp to focus on taking notes or studying textbooks.

3. Stuff, stuff, and more stuff

High school students only have their room to store every belonging they’ve ever collected. This means their place can become very cluttered very quickly. Unfortunately, the more stuff a student has lying about their study space, the more difficult it will be for them to focus on their assignments. A quick fix can be done by simply moving non-essential items from the desk to the bed. During study sessions, students can focus on only chemistry or only English and then allow their desk to become a storage unit once again.

4. Social media and electronics

This is probably the biggest issues that can ruin a student’s study session. Primarily, students lose their focus and turn to social media because it’s nearly impossible to completely shut it off. Although a cell phone could be placed in another room and clutter can be moved to another area, instant messages will pop up endlessly on a student’s laptop or tablet.  Some apps can shut off social media for a period or students can let their friends know they will not be on Facebook or Instagram for the next couple of hours because they have an important assignment due. Students who are overly tempted to tab over to social media can even allow a parent or trusted friend to change their password temporarily so they literally can’t log on (READ: “Study Tips from an Orange County Tutor”).

5. Make yourself comfortable

Uncomfortable chairs cause back aches, and a desk that’s not at the right height can increase neck and shoulder pain. The list of minor aches and pains goes on and on. Realistically, people were not meant to sit for hours upon end without moving. Students who need to sit down for more than an hour should consider making sure they have a very comfortable chair, a desk at the right height, and should also get up every 30 minutes or so to simply walk around or stretch. Students who are not distracted by aches and pains are more likely to be able to focus on that important assignment or study session (READ: “Tips from a Private Fullerton Tutor: 5 Great Qualities in a Study Partner”).

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