Tips From a Private Irvine College Tutor: 5 Bad Habits to Avoid on Campus

As students transition from high school to college, they will face increased independence and responsibility. For some students, this is the perfect opportunity to have a fresh start and reinvent themselves while for others it’s an opportunity to develop bad habits. There are a few things that most college students do that can lead to decreased productivity and increased stress over time. However, if students are aware of their bad habits they can work on avoiding them before they become part of a daily routine. Below are 5 bad habits to avoid on campus.


1. Getting lost on the way to class

With large campuses and tons of distractions, it’s easy for students to get ‘lost’ on their way to class. The Student Center, friends who don’t need to be in class, and a quiet bench under a tree in the middle of campus all seem more tempting than a lecture hall. However, students who end up late to class or skipping class altogether will miss valuable information. Professors who notice their students are late on a regular basis will often hand out relevant materials at the very beginning of the class period as an encouragement to be on time (READ: “5 Things You Might Not Expect From Your College Finals”).

2. Avoiding a difficult professor

Some professors have a reputation for being unforgiving and handing out insane amounts of homework. As a result, many students try to avoid these professors all together and get by with the minimum. Unfortunately, this usually leads to a poor grade for the student and an increased reputation for the professor. Instead, students are encouraged to meet with these types of professors and express their desire to do well in the course or learn about a specific topic. Students should meet with a professor during office hours and let their true good intentions be known. This might not change the grading scale of the professor, but it will help the student tackle difficult assignments and exams.

3. Leaving things to the last minute

Many high school students will leave things to the last minute but may be able to hand in a late assignment for partial credit here and there. In college, however, professors rarely give partial credit for assignments handed in late. College students are better off to work on their organizational skills and plan ahead wherever possible. Last minute work will look and feel rushed to the professor and will often force the student to choose one assignment over another, resulting in at least one bad grade.

4. Trying to be a superhero

Sometimes college students will try to be a superhero and complete everything perfectly on their own. However, college is a very collaborative experience, and students who are open to the help of classmates and teachers will probably have a better experience in general. To participate, students are encouraged to join a study group and meet with a professor after class or during office hours. Students who are go-getters can start a study group or an extracurricular program and be a superhero by being a leader in their collaborative environment (READ: “Going Back to College: A Mature Student’s Guide”).

5. Not utilizing the weekends

Many students fail to utilize appropriately the weekends. Although it would be ideal to put an assignment away on Friday night, most courses will require additional time on the part of the student. Saturday and Sunday provide several hours where students can work on academic tasks or meet with a study group to help each other out. Even if all assignments are completed students can work on their general organization and make sure they are ahead of the game so they have a safety net of time in case something goes wrong later in the term.

Whether you want to finish the year strong or get a jump start on next year, our private Irvine college tutors are here to help. Contact us today for more information.

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