Tips From a Private Irvine Tutor: “Summertime: Keeping Young Kids Smart” (List)

In California, the summer is shorter than ever, which means that kids will need plenty of rest, but they will also need to keep their brains sharp to go back to school in the fall. Many parents of younger children are wondering what a healthy balance is between having fun and staying smart this summer (READ: “10 Reasons You Need a Summer Tutor”).


1. Limit electronics

Many young children would like to play video games or play with apps all day and all night. Although a limited amount of this type of play is fine, it does take away from valuable social time, exercise, and time spent in nature. It’s a good idea to find a limit that works for each particular family so kids can enjoy their time with electronics but still enjoy all of the other things that are important for social development and physical health. Also, students who love apps can play games that have educational content behind them. This way, young children are learning valuable academic skills but think they’re just playing a fun, relaxing game.

2. Science in nature

There’s a lot to learn out there in the forests, beaches, parks, and water environments of Southern California. There are flora and fauna everywhere outside thus time in nature can also be educational. For instance, Southern California is full of nature and hiking trails where families can take younger children to learn about the various different plants and animals within the environment. Students who love electronics can take their camera phone with them on the trip and photograph different plants that they can later identify on the Internet. This type of activity combines education, nature, exercise, and valuable family time. As an added bonus, this activity is free (READ: “Summer School Survival Kit”).

3. Do a summer school crash course

Parents are asking why summer is so short this year throughout Southern California’s public school districts and are concerned about their child having a proper break prior to starting school fall semester. Additionally, some students will need to work on pure academics this summer or brush up on core subjects such as math, English, and science. One way for children to have a balance between fun in the sun and academic success is to do a summer school crash course. Instead of the traditional 4 to 6-week summer school, children in elementary and middle school can attend a 1 to 2-week summer school or work intensively with a tutor in their home environment for a week. If the student is properly motivated and their study environment is calm and focused, it’s possible for them to catch up or get ahead in a shorter period.

4. Develop valuable social skills

Summer is an ideal time for younger children to develop valuable social skills that they can use now and in the future. However, with more time spent on homework during the school year and with a shorter summer, these social skills can easily become underdeveloped. It’s important to remember that a well-rounded education includes the ability to interact successfully with peers, teachers, and parents. Summer is a great time to sign up for a community activity or sports team that focuses on social development and interaction with peers (READ: “5 Summer Science Projects for Kids”).

In short

Although the summer is shorter this year, there are still ways that parents can help their young children stay academically sharp for the fall but still have a happy and healthy summertime, which has been part of childhood for generations. Whether a parent decides to put their child in a summer school course or provide learning materials within the home environment, there are multiple ways that children can enjoy their summer and be prepared for school in the early fall.

Book your private Irvine tutor for the summer before it’s too late. Remember, a summer tutor is a perfect way for students to catch up and get ahead.

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