Tips From a Private Irvine Tutor: Is My Child Social?

Many parents will ask if their child is social enough and if they’re getting enough social time to be on track for childhood benchmarks. Past generations often had time for free play, trips to the playground after school, and longer socializing periods at lunch and recess while in elementary school.


However, today’s students often find that lunch and recess are shorter than in the past and after school hours are spent preparing for exams, and other academic assignments. This has left many parents to wonder if their child is getting enough social time – interacting with a private Irvine tutor is a great way for students to practice their social skills.

1. Does your child seek out social interaction

If a child is seeking out social interaction of some kind, they are probably on task. Children who go to school during the day and then come home and start homework straight away often vocalize that they want to play with the kid next door or spend time at the park. Although this may be difficult, it’s a sign that the child would like to be socializing when they are allowed. However, if a child is not interested in seeking out social interaction, either with friends, siblings, or adults more social interaction is probably needed (READ: “Five Tips to Encourage Reluctant Readers to Pick Up a Book”).

2. Does your child enjoy social activities?

Most children relish the time they are allowed to run around with friends or gossip about what happened at school or over the weekend, however, some children prefer to be on their own. If a child enjoys positive social activities with other children their age, they are very likely on track. On the other hand, is a child shies away from playing with other kids or struggles to interact, they may need more examples of positive social interaction in order to find it enjoyable.

3. Does your child play with other kids at school?

School is probably the only situation in which a multitude of children of the same age are put together in the same room. Some kids prefer a playmate who is one year up or down but most children in elementary school prefer a playmate their own age. The school environment provides an excellent opportunity for children to make friends with classmates (often to the point where they get in trouble for socializing too much). If your child has several friends at school, whom they either interact with only at school or whom they play with after school, they’re likely on task. However, if a child goes to a very small school (where children of differing age groups are put in a combo class) or if a child is home-schooled (and not around many other children), they may lose out on valuable social interaction (READ: “14 Ways to Get Your Kid to Play Outside”).

In Short

Children who are in an isolated environment for one reason or another will likely benefit from more time spent at the playground, in a library or community social group, or a good old fashioned playground. These days, school time is heavily focused on academics, even from a very early age, thus positive and successful social interaction is often overlooked. It’s important for a younger student to be able to develop valuable people-skills to use now and later in life (READ: “Tutoring and Test Scores: Assessing Improvement”).

Students who view socialization with different types of playmates as a positive experience will often be able to make friends with just about anybody in their adult workplace, making them a more successful team player and employee. Additionally, young students who learn to share time and space, take responsibility for themselves, and offer responsibility to other people are likely to have interactions with their peers more easily over time. Because schools are becoming more regimented in the 21st century, students may need to have a supplemental social education. Positive social interactions with other children and adults will provide younger students with valuable skills for their present and future.

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