Tips from a Private Costa Mesa Tutor: Surviving stress during the last month of high school


Most students will finish high school in early or mid-June. This means that the last month of school is almost underway and students will be bombarded with all sorts of academic activities before they get to walk across the stage on graduation day. Whether they’re taking advanced placement exams, studying for finals, or filling out financial aid and scholarship applications, students will certainly face a fair amount of stress. Luckily, there are lots of things high school seniors can do to not only survive the stress but thrive and have a happy, well-rounded end of high school experience – our private Costa Mesa academic tutors are here to help you finish the year strong.

1.  Organize test prep and finals study early

Organization is a great way for students to survive the stressful elements of the last month they are in high school. It’s easy to get distracted by social activities, senioritis, and the impending independence that awaits them once they start college. However, before all of these things happen students will need to take tons of exams and finish their remaining homework assignments so their GPA stays high enough that they can keep their college acceptance and maintain any requirements left for graduation.

2.  Arrange for downtime and social activities

One way to prevent too much stress is for students to admit they need enough time to rest and socialize with friends. Too much socialization can lead to lower grades and more stress, but a little bit of fun time with friends is a good thing. If student’s schedule a reasonable amount of downtime and social activities they’re more likely to feel good about sitting down to do their homework when the time comes (READ: 5 Things to write about on a scholarship application).

3.  Get help from a private Costa Mesa academic tutor

One of the best things a private Costa Mesa academic tutor can do for a student helps them stay on track and stay motivated when it comes to all of their after-school academic activities. Many seniors feel like they’re so close to graduation that they don’t need to work with their tutor anymore but, in fact, this is one of the most important times for students to get help if needed. Tutors can help look at a student’s schedule and make sure they meet all of their important deadlines, help them study efficiently for advanced placement exams, assist students in staying on track when it comes to finals study and basic at-home assignments, and keep their spirits high when their stress levels start to get out of control.

4.  Stay focused on the big picture

When students start to feel overly stressed they often focus on just the small picture, that is they think about what’s happening this week and next week but can’t see beyond that. This can be very difficult for students because it’s going to be one of the most stressful months of their lives but, once graduation comes they’re going to be in a whole different situation. It’s important to remind students at this level that the big picture is the most important thing and that this academically challenging time will be complete in a few short weeks.

5.  Celebrate success

It’s also really important for students to celebrate every success during their very last month of high school. Did they get a 4 on their AP exam? This is something they should stop and celebrate. Did they win a $500 scholarship that will help them pay for books and fees their first semester of college? Celebrate this as well. Many students at this level rush through all of their accomplishments just to get to the next task because there are so many things going on at once. However, students who feel confident and accomplished are more likely to be able to survive the stress that’s thrown at them and conquer this very important time of their academic lives.

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