Private Irvine Math Tutor Tips: 5 Ways to Ace a Math Final


Every student will be taking a math final at the end of the school year. Regardless of whether a student is in algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, or statistics, it’s important that they study efficiently and effectively for their exams. Some students have a natural inclination towards numbers while others feel totally confused. None the less, every single student needs to take the time to review past formulas and work on their test taking skills to ace their final. Additionally, students need to make sure that they feel confident about the different concepts that have been introduced throughout the course and speak to their teacher or tutor about anything they have forgotten or need extra practice with – score higher with the help of an Irvine private math tutor from TutorNerds.

1. Review Formulas

Many math exams are cumulative, meaning that students will need to remember formulas from earlier in the year. There is a lot of memorization in math, so it’s easy to forget a formula that was used several months ago. Students should not only look back in their textbook and see what formulas they haven’t used for a while but also do a few practice problems to help them fully understand when and where each formula is used. If students cannot locate problems, they haven’t yet completed they can always do problems assigned earlier in the year. For the most part, students are not going to remember the answer to a question they did six months ago (READ: 5 Ways to Survive Testing Week).

2. Know Your Calculator

It’s also really important for students to practice using an advanced calculator. If students are working with a scientific or graphing calculator, there are certain functions they will need to memorize to be able to use their calculator quickly and efficiently on the day of the exam. In some cases, students will have been practicing math functions the entire year. However, certain formulas or problems may now be unfamiliar and require review. Correct use of a calculator is essential to success on any math final.

3. Practice, Practice, and More Practice

Math is all about practice. The more a student works on problems using a particular concept or formula, the more likely they are to be able automatically to complete one of these problems on the day of the final. Additionally, students should practice locating critical information found within word problems. It’s a good idea for students to talk with their teacher about what types of problems will be found on the final. Some teachers will only require students to know information that was covered within the last term while others will administer a cumulative exam (READ: 5 Fun Projects to Get Your Kid Interested in Math).

4. Work on Efficiency

Math finals, like all exams, are timed. As a result, it’s important for students to work on their speed and efficiency when completing a problem. In most cases students will either be taking a multiple choice exam or simply be completing a computation. If students can choose from options A-D, they will have an opportunity to work on educated guessing and process of elimination if they can’t remember how to complete the problem on their own. On the other hand, a fundamental computation question requires students to know the formula 100%

5. Watch Out for Partial Answers

When it comes to multiple choice questions, there will often be a partial answer given as one of the choices. This can trip many students up especially if they are anxious about how much time they have remaining to complete the exam. One way students can avoid accidentally writing down a partial answer is by writing the formula on their test paper or writing an example of what the final solution should look like such as a/x or a+x.

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