Orange County Test Prep Tutor Tips: The SAT Writing and Language Test

sat writing and language

As students prepare to take the new SAT exam, they should focus heavily on the writing and language test. On this portion of the exam, students get to be editors and need to correct errors that have been made on purpose as part of passages that were written specifically for this exam. In a way, students get to be the teachers for this part of the test. Being able to edit the written word is an important skill students need to develop and use by the time they go to college. This will help students be able to demonstrate that they have the ability to proofread their work but also notice when others make errors. According to the College Board, the three main things test-takers need to do in this section include reading, identifying mistakes, and fixing those mistakes.

1. Basic facts

All of the questions on this portion of the SAT are multiple choice and based on the passage that’s given. No math is required on the writing and language test so students who are concerned about a weakness in that area need not be nervous here. Additionally, prior knowledge of a specific topic is not required to do well in this section. Students will be required to interpret charts and graphs as part of some of the passages.

2. What are students tested on?

According to the College Board, students will be tested on their ability to improve how a passage develops an argument or presents knowledge. Plainly put, this means that students will have to identify a weakness in a sentence or passage and improve upon it. Students will also be tested on their ability to make a passage more concise or specific and improve upon syntax, style, and tone (READ: 5 Awesome SAT Apps).

3. What topics are covered?

Students will read passages that test their ability to understand and interpret the topics of history, social science, and science. Although students don’t need specific prior knowledge of these topics, they will be required to analyze critically what’s going on within the passage as well as improve upon any errors that are identified. Test-takers should focus more on being an excellent editor than being an expert in the field of history or science (READ: Irvine SAT Tutoring Tips: A Timeline to the New SAT in June).

4. Standard American English

Students will also be tested on their knowledge of all sorts of different English conventions including the basic things that make a sentence or paragraph well written. They will need to focus on punctuation, such as correct usage of comma placement. They will also need to look at a parallel structure and subject-verb agreement and determine which of the provided answers offers the best solution. Additionally, students will need to demonstrate their knowledge of clauses and verb tense throughout a sentence. This portion covers the essential elements of Standard American English that will determine if a student can write correctly and appropriately at this stage of their education.

In short

Many students state that the writing and language test is one of the most difficult sections of the new SAT to master. It’s a good idea for students to take a practice test or at least do a few sample questions before the actual exam. This way, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses and figure out how to eliminate incorrect answers. Students can also work with their study group or tutor to practice being an editor and proofreader for both their work and the work of others.

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