Why Repetition in Elementary School Matters


As young students adjust to being back in the classroom, they will start out with a certain amount of review from the previous year. However, they will quickly move on to unfamiliar topics, some of which will build upon that other information. In this case, it’s really important that students understand each building block in the process. If they do get lost academically, it’s beneficial to identify what step they didn’t understand so they can troubleshoot within this area. One of the best ways to avoid getting off track is to focus on repetition. Like most adults, younger students need to do things a few times before it becomes second nature. This is especially true when it comes to academic subjects such as math and language arts.

1. Multi-step math problems

One of the best examples of using repetition comes in the form of math problems. Whether a student is doing long division or algebra, they will need to complete several steps to get the final answer. Many students understand the concept of math but struggle with the application. Repetition can be extremely helpful in these circumstances, especially when done in front of an Orange County private tutor. The tutor can recognize which step of the problem the student is struggling with and focus on that particular part. If students practice their math problems enough times, they will be able to do them on their own.

2. Grammar and spelling

Grammar and spelling have so many different rules, many of which are counterintuitive. Kids often ask why something is spelled differently than how it sounds or why a particular grammar rule is broken under certain circumstances. When it comes to standard American English, repetition is one of the best ways to memorize and learn why things are done a specific way. When students practice their spelling and grammar and fix their own mistakes, they will eventually think of it as second nature (READ: 5 things to ask your kid during the first week of school).

3. Cause and effect

Cause and effect are another thing that can be taught with repetition. Cause and effect can be applied to any subject, history, and science in particular. However, cause and effect are also used frequently in study skills. For instance, if students don’t study for a quiz they’re not likely to receive a high score. This often has to happen a few times before kids become motivated to study in advance. Another example can be found when students have to read a chapter of a book every week. If they get behind, the effect is that they’ll be reading all weekend. If they pace themselves, they’ll have plenty of time to play. Cause and effect is a critical thing to learn whether it’s applied to a specific subject or just education in general (READ: 7 things parents should ask new teachers).

4. Problem-solving

Problem-solving is another skill that takes time to learn. This is a tricky subject because each situation will be a little bit different. For example, students may need to complete a science experiment, or they may have to analyze a character in a novel. As kids get older, they will also have to problem solve when it comes to time management. Repetition is one of the key elements to finding a solution, or preferably multiple solutions, to academic problems. The more practice a student has, the more likely they are to be successful the first time around.

In short

Students need time to let certain subjects and concepts sink in. Some kids will understand a topic after three tries while others might need dozens of times to practice and refine their study skills. Each student is an individual and will have natural talents in different areas, but repetition will certainly help them be successful in the end.

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