The Advantages of a Traditional On-campus College Experience

Although today’s students have an amalgam of educational opportunities to choose from, including blended learning, online courses, and self-directed study, there is something to be said for the traditional on-campus experience. One of the greatest things about the on-campus experience is the opportunity to socialize in a once-in-a-lifetime setting – still applying to college? Our experienced Irvine college consultants are here to help.


1. Socializing within your age group

Although diversity is an important issue for students to learn about in college, as well as once they enter the workforce, living on or close by campus in a college town gives students the opportunity to experience the young collegiate lifestyle. Most traditional college towns offer a lot of entertainment, including artsy coffee shops to study in, mega movie theaters and smaller art house theaters, sports facilities to entertain students on the weekends, arts and culture, live music events etc… Being part of a college town can give students the opportunity to enjoy these types of activities with other people ages 18 to 22.

In addition to spending time with and doing activities with people of one’s own age group, it’s important to have a certain number of friends who understand what a new college student is going through. In US culture, the ages between 18 and 21 present a huge shift from being a teenager to being a young adult with responsibilities and privileges. Generally, the only other people who understand this transition are those who are currently going through it (READ: “5 Things to do Before You Go Away to College”).

2. The opportunity to get involved in politics and culture

Although online learning or blended learning can provide excellent educational opportunities, most students who spend the majority of their college years on campus will have the opportunity to be involved with politics and local culture. College campuses are some of the most vocal political platforms and can provide the opportunity for a new adult to learn about and express what is important to them.

In addition to political expression, college campuses offer a huge amount of diverse culture. In some cases, the culture will come from people with varying backgrounds, and in other cases it will come from the vibe that emanates from a college campus itself. College campuses are a culture in and of themselves, and many feel that spending time on campus is a rite of passage for young people (READ: “College Acceptance and Friendship: The Social Trap”).

3. Total immersion of education

Although, working as a full-time student and living on campus is becoming increasingly unaffordable, it does allow students to immerse completely themselves in their academic endeavors. Off-campus life will offer distractions that take students away from the task at hand, however having a traditional on-campus college experience will surround students with academics 24-7. Because everybody else on campus is there to study and learn, it’s easier to stay focused on the course curriculum then to be distracted by the lifestyles of people who work full-time. Money aside, the traditional college experience has worked for many generations and will continue to work for at least some of today’s students (READ: “Extra Curricular Activities For Your College Resume”).

In Short

Although 21st-century students are certainly not confined to a traditional on-campus experience, it can offer a variety of positive aspects to students who do choose to study on-campus and live in a college town. In general, it will be easier to focus on academics, students will be able to enjoy this stage of life with other people their age, and they will also receive the social and entertainment perks of living in a town essentially meant for people ages 18 to 22.

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