5 ways to help your teen adjust to fall semester

Teenagers have just gone back to school and are undergoing the adjustment from summer vacation back to the classroom environment. This can be a tough time for both teens and their parents because academic expectations become higher as students get closer to their senior year. There are lots of things parents can do to help their teen successfully adjust to the fall semester and help them be successful academically. Whether a student needs help with organization or a particular subject, it’s better if the first few weeks of school are low stress and positive – our private Los Angeles tutors are here to help your teen adjust to fall semester.

1. Keep organized

After enjoying summer vacation, most students will have forgotten the organizational tools that worked for them the previous year. It’s beneficial if students have a little help getting started with their organization but still be independent enough to make choices that work for their schedule and learning style. Students might need help keeping subjects separate, keeping track of due dates, or concentrating on challenging topics. Planning is one of the keys to a successful semester and can make the entire year a better experience (READ: 5 Ways to prepare for the ACT this fall).

2. Supplemental education

As students progress through high school, their academic workload will get heavier, and the assignments will become more difficult. Many students benefit from supplemental education services to help them stay on track and tackle challenging topics. Whether a student is working on college prep or dealing with core subjects such as math or English, working with a one-on-one tutor can make their academic life a lot easier. Tutors can help teens tackle stressful elements of a particular course and can help them efficiently prepare for exams. Whether a student works with a tutor for a few hours here and there or has a regular weekly appointment, supplemental education can benefit nearly every teen.

3. Keep education social

Students often enjoy working together and have great ideas to share with one another but may start to feel overwhelmed by their current workload and shy away from group study. Being part of a study group of motivated students, however, is a fantastic way to keep education social and keep teens interested in discovering new topics and ideas. When students work together and have similar goals, they can also encourage each other to stay on track and keep their grades high.

4. Develop a healthy routine

It’s important for every student to have a routine that helps them stay on track academically but this becomes even more important as students progress through the teen years. Students should have enough time to complete their homework successfully, study for exams and prepare for college, enjoy extracurricular activities or work a part-time job, and have sufficient downtime to rest and recuperate from their academic assignments. This is a lot easier said than done and requires a delicate balance. High school students should be sure only to take on the responsibility they can handle and adjust to new responsibilities slowly so they can successfully adjust to each change in their schedule.

5. Get to know the teachers

As students get older, they will have several different subject teachers rather than just one teacher in a classroom. Teachers are one of the best resources students can utilize to understand the material and be successful, but they often shy away from asking the teacher questions or contacting them outside of class. Teens are encouraged to write down any questions they have about assignments or a classroom lecture and make an appointment with the teacher during their free period or email them after school to stay on top of assignments and exams.

Have you booked your private Los Angeles tutor for the fall semester? Whether it’s for test-prep, college admissions, or academic tutoring, TutorNerds has you covered. Call us today for more information.

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