Switching Schools? 5 Things to do this Summer


When students go from one grade to another, it’s a big transition. However, when they switch schools, it can be an even bigger change. Some things can be done over the summer so that kids have an easier time when they adjust to their new campus. Whether students are going from 5th to 6th grade, moving from public to private school, or even moving across the country, they need extra time to adjust to their new environment. In addition to getting to know the campus, kids should look at any changes in academics, teaching styles, or socialization.

1. Going from public to private school (or vice versa)

Changing from a public school to private or vice versa can be a significant change for a child. Public schools are often larger and have a higher student to teacher ratio. They also tend to have more buildings and more room on campus. Private schools are smaller and may introduce new things such as school uniforms or policies specific to their mission statement. There can also be differences in academics. If a student is transitioning to a private school, they will probably have had a campus tour and an interview to make sure that it’s the right fit for them. In this case, they will likely be familiar with the campus and have met some of the teachers during the application process. However, it’s still a good idea to meet other students during the summer if at all possible to make the social transition easier. If a student is transitioning to public school, it would be beneficial for them to know about any academic differences and get to know where their new classes will be located (READ: Irvine Science Tutor: 4 Awesome Summer Science Activities).

2.  A standard transition to a new campus

Every student will experience a standard transmission to a new campus when they go from 5th to 6th grade or 8th to 9th grade. If they have older siblings they may have already been on the new campus but, if not, they should take a tour and go to the open house. When students enter middle or high school, it’s an opportunity for them to be able to reinvent themselves and make new friends, so it’s also a good idea to visit any of the school-sponsored social activities that occur over the summer.

3. Moving across the country

Some kids will experience a move across the country or state. This can be a major transition because they are also dealing with adjusting to a new home, neighborhood, and social situation. If at all possible, kids in this situation should have a chance to socialize with some of the kids in their neighborhood that will be attending their new school, so they have a couple of friends on day one. Also, they will probably need more time to adjust given the magnitude of the change.

4. Getting familiar with campus

Many schools offer a tour or open house where students can become familiar with the campus. If it’s a larger school, students are encouraged to ask a member of staff where their different classes will be as well as where the front offices are located and where the student lounge is, if one exists (READ: 5 Reasons to Play Sports Over the Summer).

5. A difference in curriculum

If there is a change in curriculum students are encouraged to either work with the teacher or a private tutor to learn new concepts and skills so they can stay on top of things. Also, new students are encouraged to join a study group which can both help their academics and increase social opportunities.

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