Tips from a Private Santa Ana Tutor: Help Your Kid Stay On Top Academically Through a Transition


All kids go through phases and come out the other end okay. However, it can be difficult to maintain good academic habits so that students don’t have to do too much catching up once they get through their transition. They might be five years old and learning how to make proper use of the word no, or they might be enduring the transition from 8th to 9th grade. Regardless of their current age level, there are lots of ways to help kids stay on top of the game academically through these normal childhood transitions – help your kid stay on top of their academics with the help of a private Santa Ana tutor.

1. Patience

Patience is one of the best ways to help kids endure a transition but maintain good grades. Students will go through phases where their behavior is less than stellar, or their concentration seems to disappear. It’s mostly important for parents to see some improvement even if the progress is relatively slow. It’s more important that students are doing better today than they were doing three months ago than to receive an excellent grade on a specific assignment. Of course, this amount of patience is easier said than done but it’s a key to success.

2.  Small improvements mean success

It’s also important to look at small improvements when determining levels of success. If a student starts organizing their school binder to prioritize assignments or if they sit down and do their homework without being prompted, for example, they are definitely on their way to a better school experience. What seems like a small achievement to an adult might be an immense change for a student going through the transitions that occur in middle school, so it’s important to celebrate them and acknowledge their importance.

3.  Balance

A proper balance is another thing that can help kids stay on top of their schoolwork if they’re going through a phase. If they feel like they’re coming home to several hours of homework, students are not likely to get motivated under any circumstance. They may need to have scheduled breaks so they don’t feel overwhelmed or they might want to have something fun to look forward to on Friday after school. Once students learn how to study efficiently, this balance will occur a lot more quickly (READ: Tips from an Irvine Language Arts tutor: Ace Your Language Arts Final).

4.  Perseverance when it comes to the important things

Although rest are part of an overall well-balanced academic life, sometimes students just have to push through even if they’re going through a phase or transition that makes studying difficult. College applications have strict due dates, and standardized tests are held regardless of how prepared a student is. For younger students, learning how to read is often the thing that holds them back but, they have to push through and master the skill. A student might need to work with their classroom teacher or have a private tutor come to the home to help them out. Perseverance is one of the best skills kids can learn for both school and life in general.

5.  Academic support

Sometimes, kids just need to have some extra academic support to help them be successful throughout their transition. A second-grader who is starting to have trouble concentrate might need to work with a tutor to help them learn how to organize for a few weeks here and there while a college prep student might need extended help outlining essays and studying for entrance exams. It’s hard for kids of any age to deal with life’s changes all by themselves and it’s important to know when it’s time to call for extra help. Our private Santa Ana tutors are here to help with any academic transition!

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