Tips from a Private Santa Ana Tutor: 4 Tips to Solve College Acceptance Issues

At this point in the year, students are getting notifications from the colleges and universities they applied to. Some students will get accepted into their dream school while others may have some disappointing news to cope with. However, one thing most applicants don’t think about is how to solve some common issues. The college application season can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to overlook a couple of important things particularly if students are going through this process unaided. So, what can students do to solve a few of the most common application problems?  (Don’t hesitate to book your Santa Anta admissions consultant from TutorNerds.)


1. Major field of study

Sometimes students are 100% sure they want to study one thing then discover there might be more opportunities than they had originally thought. For the most part, students don’t have to make a final decision regarding their major until they start their junior year of college. However, if one of the majors a student is unexpectedly considering isn’t offered at the college, they attend they may have to do some problem solving. This is the time when students have the opportunity to weigh all of their options before making a decision. Although there are many solutions, two real options are to attend a school that has a diverse range of majors or find out if it’s possible to transfer within the university system. For example, the UC and Cal State systems both have several campuses with varying specialties (READ: “College Grads: 5 Ways to Polish up Your Online Presence”).

2. In state vs. out of state

One common issue among graduating seniors is whether not to go to an in-state or out of state college. In some cases, students are excited to attend an out of state school and explore a different part of the country but later decide they’d rather be closer to home. The opposite may also hold true. In either case, it’s a good idea to sit down with family and think about some solutions in case the student is unsure of their final choice. For instance, are they able to visit home often throughout the semester or can they apply to a university exchange or study abroad program?

3. Finances

Dealing with financial issues is one of the biggest problems college students will face. If there are unexpected financial issues students are encouraged to brainstorm for as many solutions as possible. First, there are hundreds of scholarships that award small amounts of money but students can apply to several of them. Students who need to work 20 hours or more per week can apply for part time status along with reduced tuition. Some high demand majors will hire students as interns were they can make a hefty hourly rate during summers or on weekends. For the most part, the more creative and open-minded students are the more likely they will be to find a way to pay for tuition and fees.

4. An unexpected acceptance

Once in a while, a student will be accepted to a school they thought was a shot in the dark. Perhaps they were planning on attending a specific university but found out last minute they were accepted to the college of their dreams. Although many people feel this is a good problem to have, it can still be stressful to consider going to a different campus and having a different experience than they had originally thought. In general, most students accepted into their dream school (and who can afford to attend) will choose that option. However, if there are some last minute changes students are encouraged to talk with their family about how they will deal with them when the time comes.

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